Pop Tarts

by Gary Hardaway

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Hubris as a business model-
the American way.


The currents of events
strip the molecules from cartilage,

reverse polarity of ventricles—
heart and brain-- buzz ears

to a rung deafness, tase
the muscles of neck, shoulders,

and thighs to quivering jelly.
After they flow to ground

you slump, a quadriplegic mass,
in a chair once comfortable.

Test Pattern

You can tell the B-list celebrities--
their names appear

in legible print
low down on the screen

as they flash a smile
or  run a hand through lustrous hair.

A-list faces need no captioning.
If you don't know the name

of the fabulous face
you're either a B-list consumer

or too old to matter  
as a target demographic.