by Estelle Bruno

Every morning, Wilma's husband Richard would cross the street and visit with a neighbor, always after the neighbor's husband left for work.
Wilma was a loner, never bothered with neighbors.  She enjoyed sitting on her patio in her lounge chair, smoking pot.
Richard kept telling her to stop it, and stupidly told this to a neighbor who called the police.  She was arrested but was back home after a few days.
Wilma couldn't tolerate Richard's excursions any longer, so she went on vacation with her parents.  Guess he must have gotten tired of those morning visits cause they finally stopped.
When Wilma came back all seemed to be ok, as they played tennis, swam together and seemed to be enjoying life.
But this life wasn't enough for Richard.  He decided to take up skin diving.
So Wilma would just sit in the boat while he did his diving.  When he wanted to come up, he would shake a line and Wilma would help him up onto the boat.
About a week later, neighbors were all huddled in the street together discussing something they read in the local paper. The article said "Richard Jones accidentally drowned while skin diving."
The only thing left in the boat were the oars.  Wilma continues to sit on her patio and enjoy her pot.