by Estelle Bruno

she was 12 years old

sat at her desk, a bashful girl, who

wished she could have gotten sick

this day, not to be here, to face being

embarassed this valentine day

it was the day the boys would pick the

girl he liked best and give his card to the

teacher to deliver at the end of class,

guess he was bashful also

when class was ended, the girl was

anxious to run out of the room,

but she had to wait till the bell  rang.

the teacher walked up and down each of the aisles,

dropping the cards whose names were on them,

onto the desks.

when she  got near to the shy girl's desk, the girl put

her head down, pretending to gather up her books

when suddenly the teacher dropped a card on her

desk -  her face reddened, she didn't know what to do,

picked it up nervously, didn't know who it was from,

didn't matter who it was from

she finally felt she was a part of that class.