Moment to Moment

by Deborah Oster Pannell

The memory fades so quickly,

It makes me wonder if it ever really happened?

Then I have to create something new from scratch

to fill the space

Yeah, there are patterns,

and sudden movements that pass for recollections,

but couldn't they as easily be glimpses into something new

that hasn't happened yet?

Is the glowing past

worth anything more than

a place on the mantle?

My thumb on the button of some celebration or other…

You inside me complicating matters beyond

anything I imagined,

but I learned that

if I just keep talking, then eventually, some pattern will emerge

and then people will know what to think when they read my words

instead of just going for the streaky long into the night ride that

might end in stardust or starstruck or sorrow,

suddenly changing everything