Who's Going To Defend the Love

by Darryl Price

we feel, so unwanted, afraid for, from the billions of stomping onto our hearts like squishing jelly sandwiches for fun bullies out there? To be brilliant on
its behalf? I forget, exactly why
are you still here anyway? Don't you
have somewhere else to be that's so incredibly and much more important than being here present and accounted for with us? Weren't
you that one who loudly proclaimed that, "real

love's no more perfect than a useless path to any  false riches?" What shall
we have built in its place to honor our children's sad waiting, for days and many cold hungry hours? Who
will stand alone without being inwardly ugly and somewhat outwardly boring as you seem to always long to be? What's that stupid thing
you're always lurking behind anyway? You'll say 
your true name at last then to the whole assembled together room as one revoked lie to another? Who smoked
the last cigarette? Why's that so

hard to admit? Who poked the last
hole in my heart? Why don't
you put on some good music? What
makes you think you have to take everything
we say so literally? Who'll define
this love after we're gone? Look, I'm through waiting

for you, but why not you?
Who else is there? Who's side
are you on? How are we
ever going to find the courage we need
without your help? Will you at
least finish taking home the first someone of your own dream making before it's much, much too late to kiss them in a beautiful moonlight? 

Bonus poems:

Here Hum This 

For your information I do hope you'll find us. Hope
you're still looking. Hold on hope even if it's all you've got left of all you once thought you knew to be certain and true.
You'll find us. Continue looking for us because we're still always looking for you.
You'll find our signs growing in the wind sooner than later. We'll have bunches of joyful 

kisses for you to share with all of us when you finally do get here. Hum this tune. Won't
you help to cherish the
sacred waterfall, keep its secret? Keep the word love

flowing into your minds like another waterfall. Dream a supreme
joy on purpose. Breathe it. You'll find
us. Open up your everlasting
eye and let your soul

shine forth. Know you'll find
you. It's all about the
love. That's all there is.


The Obviously Once Sat Upon Road

twisted itself around alright, 

leaving us more dull than sorely seated, but

the almost here lights blanketed

the deep down of our own winsome lucky streak

like some vanilla frosting made

of smoke and fog that had come

from nowhere to keep us at least floating, floating, floating toward home again

like a thank you note delivered

on a silver tray by a gloved

and proper wind, who left for bed

immediately afterwards I might add.

They just don't stick around once their jobs

are done I guess. But I swear it

didn't simply sprout up like a

billion tiny angelic

mushrooms rising up together

all over the softest places we carefully 


walked upon once. Although now I think about

it, why not? The world is still

one baffling mystery after another. The small

miracle of just us still seeing

into each other's eyes in this

foolish landscape's muck under such harsh

circumstances has a lot of

local help from all the juices

being squeezed up and through the old

ambiguous, overcrowding

trees if you ask me. I say that

because they don't often question

their very beings like some I

could name. If there are no friendly

trees to believe in then you get

your merriest boost from the nearest

walking varmint, know it or not.

I mean the world's fur is full of


wild things with legs of their own. Things

that don't necessarily have

to be fixed to matter to the

comic progression towards the

whole cosmic progression of things going back to meet and greet itself.

You know the whole star eating star

bit? Nothing's going to stop that

much crushing hunger from feeding on 

itself. But is it beautiful

in the end? Are we going to remain beautiful like that from 

now on? I want to know.Will this dream

matter to future strangers? Or

are we the only witnesses

to ourselves and when it's gone it's utterly and for always just simply 

gone? I can't stand that much sadness in the world.

It steps on and breaks an already broken

branch in my heart. Remember. Please

remember. Whatever happens . Remember me.


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Marcelle Heath, 2 days ago

Lovely :)

Karloff green.thumb
Sam Rasnake, 2 days ago

Good writing, DP.

"If there are no friendly
trees to believe in then you get
your merry boost from the nearest
walking varmint, know it or not."

I like it.

Vacation profile picture.thumb
Darryl Price, 37 hours ago

Thank you Marcelle and Sam for your kindness in visiting and responding to my work. This one took it right out of me, but I felt proud of the results.And your words make it worth the effort. Thank you.

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