What I'd Like to Say is That Something Special

by Darryl Price


that doesn't need any words to arrive

fully formed, or too many words

to be believed in at all I should

say, a little something we can simply

send back and forth across your time

and my space without having to talk

at length about it, but being a

poetry man this is the only

honestly likeable language I

am somewhat fluent in. So if you

don't mind. I wish it were more of a

universal given like music,


say, or laughter. Yeah I'm sure that the

other side of this somewhat flattering

mirror of a page is full of

a million flooding tears. No one is

deaf to all the sorrows. But it means

the same thing. You see? We are here in

the digital age and in my mind I sit 

and inside the paper windmill I look out at you and,

well, because of you I want to appreciate

the dead leaves blowing up

a charming ruckus across the still

life lawns of autumn. No, that didn't


come out right, although it is kind of sadly funny.

No I mean appreciate whatever

is at the moment it is because

you are also in that moment

like me somewhere. There. That's close. But it's

no hand rolled all natural parade

ready to take you off to see the

wizard. Haven't we already done 

that bit a little too many times 

already to make anything newish 

happen? Ah the cultural references.

They never die. They mean


so much to us still. But the real thing

is out there. The scary as a black

feeling gnawing at your shoulders like

an escaped monkey from a local

exotic animal farmer's personal

zoo out there real thing. Where anything

can happen, but where the sun actually

is happening right now. Go

outside and live. It's your world, too. You

are as good as anyone else at

who you are and what you love doing.

Your spirit is needed. I need you.