Watching the End of the World from the Beginning of a New Revolution

by Darryl Price

We were always going to be here. This isn't the
big reveal. It's not even the best last joke. That's  
to come. Like the apocalypse that it always wants to
be, like playing with the big planet gods. Nothing says we're 
all doomed like another cold beer. Wave the flag. The 
filthy flies come anyway, attracted by the smell of smouldering dreams
in the hearts of dreaming lovers everywhere. We aren't alone. 
We never were, that's just the latest gadget being sold 
up and down the illusion of streets. It's a lie, 
but one we love to sell ourselves as we shiver 

under the blankets, wishing they were stars instead of mistakes, 
hands to hold instead of knives to sharpen, demons to 
kill instead of lost opportunities to find some understanding in 
the living eyes of another. We were always going to 
be merciful. That's the only thing that holds the universe 
together. Without that one drop of kindness everything dies in 
the pond immediately. Oh, did you think I was going 
to be a nice guy about your insistence on the 
political untruths of the day? We were always going to 
be the music lovers. Were always going to be sky 

gardeners and always not going to be fooled by what 
we hear and see. We don't just hug trees, we're 
honored by their presences in our lives. Nature is unforgiving, 
but we are not. We know we are playing with 
rain and fire. We were always going to be magicians
who do no harm. But this doesn't mean we won't. 
Remember, Jesus wept. That should tell you everything you need 
to know about the nature of nature. We were always 
going to be sailors. We know how to wink in 
the midst of despair and mean it as a sincere 

signal to our scared friends that all is never lost.  
We were always going to belong together. We were always
going to bring the medicine of giving our hearts. It doesn't  
have to be said in a hard to understand riddle. 
It's a lovely song that's been around long before songs  
were invented. It's a good feeling that's been there inside
everything forever. It's not hidden, nor is it for sale. 
It is free as a bird. Yeah, that's a Beatles 
reference, who said, "Fun is the one thing that money 
can't buy." Always loved that. The audacity it took. The

youthful cheek. It was true then, and now. They were 
always going to come and go. We all do our  
part to carry the whole dance of love thing onward
as far as we can go. Worth remembering when we 
are feeling especially alone in this world. We were always 
going to discover wonderful things together, like laughter, like kisses.
We were always going to mean this poem. We were 
always going to claim our sorrows and our joys as 
one gift and not be bullied by the hate-mongers into 
thinking we are different and beyond reaching out in peace.  

Bonus Poems:

To the Children in Cages

by Darryl Price

Your parents marched you right up to the gates 
of hell. It will be hard to forgive them, 
but the need for love is greater than the 
need for God. The children you were do not 

exist. Only fierce warriors. I don't 
know if you'll ever hear my words, but I 
hope you can feel them. The world's been taken 
over by monsters. We are doing our 

best to fight them off daily. This is what's 
happening. I know the one thing you want 
most right now is to be held by someone 
who could never do you harm,be allowed 

to cry for all that you've lost. You are the  
bravest of us all. You have to be. We 
are coming to rescue all of you each 
and every second of every heartbeat. 

The story isn't so far now. It's

by Darryl Price

coming at you, just like you wanted. 
Something was listening. Everything 
probably. In its own way. Jealous 
ocean doesn't stop opening its 
foggy mouth just because you may have 
forgotten how to love yourself. It's 
been a long time. but I could write the 
next sorrow script and you would still feel 
like dancing into nothing for the 
broken heart of it. That's how hard you've 
got to go at it anyway, 'less 
you want to be nothing more than a 

shadow instead of someone's shelter. 
That girl did it for herself, not for 
either of you. You've got no right to 
force your forgiving tears on her grave. 
She's felt all that touching shit before. 
Remember? She simply disappeared 
rather than stay here with you any 
longer. She wanted to be gone more 
than she wanted to figure out a 
new way to save herself the trouble. 
I say we need to carry on. To 
the next connection. That's the real faith. 

Maybe it's for her, her sad demise. 
But maybe it's because we can still 
hear the music in the sky calling. 
Save your fucking prayers for a sincere 
goodbye moment. She won't remember 
them. We aren't ever going to need 
a bigger wall. All our fears will find 
their way over it. We aren't hiding 
from any ghost's sunken eye, we are 
growing out of this part of the burnt 
pages only because we can and 
because we want to rise and be free.  

You Turn

by Darryl Price

Absolutely nothing
has changed. We are them. They
are still us. If I could
I'd want everything to
turn out alright for you.

That's my story. But it's
right. I'm on my way to
the end. Just wanted to
make sure you know that you
were always there, a main

reason to carry on.
I've given you words and
not much else to go by.
And here's a bunch more. But
they are absolutely

true and the best punchline
I've got to offer to
the struggle for meaning.
We love and are loved and
I will always need you.