There is No Logic in the Immediate Fact

by Darryl Price




of a strangely found desire. I wanted to tell you

something important, I'm sure, I mean it's pretty

obvious, even in this funny breathing space,

but everything has been said to death. More isn't


always better. Everything that has been said has

been said so many times over that the deeper

meanings have become lost out in the unopened

air like faraway balloons, has been done to a

black crisp again until all new romantic notions


appear to have been frozen on a stick beforehand.

But I'm not even in that world with you

now. Do you understand? You think just because you

see me standing in the sun next to you in the

bright moment that it's the same sun. We could cup our


own looping thumbs together right there and you'd still

only be looking at your own reflection in

a single windowpane. We are passing on different

worlds on our ways to the unknown destination

stations of our individual lives.


And yet you are near enough for me to feel the

possibility of your very real presence,

even in my solitary world. This seems highly

unfair to me. And so I bid you a silent

goodnight and thank you for the grimaced insight into self.






Want my Heartbeat

by Darryl Price


to return to its joyful center with a new thumpity thump.

I want all robots off my back. I want the

empire to forget my name ever happened in their calculating way. I

want this emptiness to fall like scales from all our eyes.

I want the poem to always matter more than the bags full of

money. I want us off of our knees. I want

to unplug. I want to feel your soft connection. I want

to know your connection as my own. Want to open petals all on

my own time. I want to enjoy everything. I want both

the sun and the moon in my window. I want the greed behind

the guns to be melted into the ground all over

the world today. I want peace made with the animals. I

want those who dirty our minds to be stripped of

their power to influence our level of violence. I want

freedom to be obvious to all. I want the electric

hoses to be turned off. I want the love for

one another to be turned back on. I want you.

I want the oceans to stop being used as an

outdoor toilet. I want to bring back the idea of

a bookstore where everything is represented together. I want to paint

my masterpiece. I want to make good common sense. I want God

to either go away or join the fight. I want

to amaze you and your friends into helping to tear

down the walls that keep us prisoners of our own

fear of one another. I want to make you laugh.

I want to laugh with you. I want you to

take me seriously. I want you to help me to

lighten up. I want to express my love in a

way that also expresses your love, too. I want to

be brave in my own unsure fashion. I want to

be for something good not against anything bad. I want

to see the poem through to the bitter end. I

want to go on to the next thing. I want

to get unstuck. I want to be here now. I

want us to understand the need for compassion. I want

to vote with my life. I want to live on

purpose. I want to dream big or go home. I

want to be your fool. I want to reappear. I

want to leave an interesting noise inside your head. I

want to shake your cold houses to the ground. I

want to be in an original boat. Want to be

glad at least in all my best dreams. I want to ride out

one last moment. I want to stop being so tired.

I want to untie all the fucking ropes and knots. I want

to make a new world for you to change. I

want to fly again in your eyes. I want to

set things free. I want friendship's charity to be the

order of the tenderest day. Want always to be

on your side. I want to say hello. I want

to say yes. I want you to take this hat.Here.

Darryl Price Wednesday,February 27,2013