The Sky Bent Over

by Darryl Price



and coughed its grey net over the candle

lit world outside. Birds of an arrow sprang

into thin air and disappeared over

the hills in a quick shortness of zoom-breath--  

like a stiffened branch snapping . It's cold. There're

many things in this world colder. Living


arrows that do hit their mark more often

than not. You're not supposed to notice. The

buried fields will slowly eat the snow away.

Be patient. The moon will return with

her shovel of stars. And no one will be

the wiser. It all aches too much right now--


for me to be able to see straight inside

your hearts. You want snowmen to live? So

do I. Well I think your hands are meant to

capture other hands and warm them. That's the

true meaning of every season's cusp of

steaming liquids if you ask me. This year's


spiky sidewalks aren't even displaying in

spite of the brutal possibility

of something large and untamed in the wind's

swirling undercurrents. Our tests are different

now. We stand at the shore, together

and alone. There will be pretty rains


that'll surely break your heart with their simple

songs of missing. There will be clear blue

days to come too perfect to remember

for long. You'll be there. I don't know where I'll

be. It doesn't matter. These things will not

pass away nor run out on you. You'll see.

Bonus poems:

Don't Know Yet

by Darryl Price

Some time ago you and I were 
yelling but it was a joyful noise.
Then the shadows fell out of the
shadows and drove us mad. Well, drove
a wedge between our heads and hearts,
which is no real surprise, but it
did make me question the poet
in my being. After all if 
we could be pulled apart by some
silly-assed notions of all our
time belonging to someone else, 
then I guess maybe they were right

to hold their hands over their ears 
while we sang all the angels are
coming.I don't believe that. I know
there is good in you, as Luke said,
I can feel it. Just because the 
fighting is hard doesn't mean it's not 
the truth. Yeah I know how often 
that perspective can change channels,
but we find it again because 
we know it when we see it, hear 
it. Is it any wonder the
children feel lost from our last embrace?

Just because the love is squeezed in
between the pages of a sad
writer doesn't mean it's not there
waiting for you to open it. 
So once again life's push and pull 
throws us together in the fog 
from a  new moon moment. Don't mind. 
It's a wave. I've seen so many. 
O Please. Did you really think I 
wouldn't remember your name? We
danced slowly and I don't mean all
because the headlights were on us.

I was glad to be foolish. It 
was an honor to walk in your 
personal beauty and sing a 
happy song. This one's just as you
wished. I haven't forgotten. But
my head's turning into seedlings. 
It's as it should be. My heart is
colliding with everything. If
you saw it coming, it doesn't 
change a thing. Hold on. Love won't die
today. Not today. The story 
keeps turning around so we'll sing it.     

The Soft Wild Places (revised)

by Darryl Price


where we once stood and parted the raging waters 

of whatever it was we had and received each 

other's lovely landscapes are not forgotten. That's why in 

spite of the so many dark outlaw brambles now 

on fire with strange lost hours stretching across our 

divers paths I have brought back this piece of 

broke poem for you. I know you are no 

longer standing there in the rain. It still belongs 

with you more than me. What we found out 

is what we created. You're always welcome. You are 

not alone. That was the meaning then and now. 

Somehow you think this means I'll never put my 

hand on your waist again. That's not the plan. I 

have tried, but there's nothing I can do. I 

too have those crisscross memories, but great writing is  

calling. Now there is that something saying my true 

name like a deliberately chosen surprise. It was always 

the knock at the door game. Wake up. Hold 

to your heart for everything you want to see happen. 

That's my message for you. Here. You and I 

both know a simple secret. I got this thing for you.