Opening Your Fiery Eyes

by Darryl Price

as I imagine
only you can
you're the ocean on fire 
before anyone else has
broken that ancient seal, or simply
taken the first icy plunge.
You can eat
all the bitter
fruit there is, but that still
doesn't make the

world a more hateful
place. Only people can 
do that. Bittersweet
can be a
delightful excursion upon the tongue, but
this doesn't give your
brain the
right to declare
war on all opposites.It's all the more white than the whitest of faithful  
sands.I only wish

I could play
my sweet song into
your lovely head and that pulse
would give you
a purely free thought. Just one.One.
I should very
much have liked
our golden moment
to have turned
into a major forest in our time. 

Bonus poem:

That's Mister Big Guy To You

by Darryl Price

All my life people have referred 

To me as, "Big Guy!"-- from

The time I was a little kid

To just recently when I was

Standing in line to meet Lady GaGa. Well

That last part's maybe not so true but you get


My meaning's picture. It doesn't matter who,

It doesn't matter where. Total

Strangers will call forth that mongrel

Moniker as easily as

Sliding weekly foodstuffs into

A brown paper sack. It's done with


The flick of a wrist and nothing

More difficult than that. You know

The Bumblebee bat weighs less than

A penny? You could hold one on

The end of your thumb or scoop him

Up inside a plastic ice cream


Spork and probably still have some

Room left over for play. Full grown

He's only about 11 mm in

Length. Yeah I know that's so cute! The

World's tiniest bird is a hummingbird

From Cuba that beats its


Wings an estimated 80 times

Per second. Speaking of bees he's

Scarcely larger than a honey bee. And

My own personal favorite big

Guy happens to be the Western Pygmy Blue

Butterfly usually found in


Coastal regions throughout the

Southern United States. My kind

Of  Mr.big that. My kind of breeze if you catch my radar. Flits

About on a wingspan of just around

Five to seven millimeters in length ;with

Little brown wings that become a


Beautiful powdery blue the

Closer they get to his terrier body.

And don't even get me started

On Pygmy Hippos! So from one

Bee poet to the next, my friends, please be kind

To the critically endangered


Among us. Yeah I know that was

A tricky way to get you to

Think about the molecular

Arrangement of things; remember,for as long

As this poem shall last I am only

Refracting words, reflecting light your way.