A Familiar Song of Love Song

by Darryl Price


Take a bird down from the sky, just for a moment, it endears you to me.

Find a raindrop in the pouring rain, it is a jewel beyond compare, unless you

Are directly in possession of it. Drop it. There is a star that I cannot help seeing

In the hopelessness of darkness, it has guided me always. All my poems are gathered together inside

Your eyes like a miracle beacon coming into mine. My road has been wild and steeped


In tears, why pretend? The end is just the measure of our journey.  Don't forget

To remember why we came together. On a leaf inside a bunch of blowing winds

There's the drawing of a single heart, it only means one thing. Love is free.  It

Stays because it wants to believe in the right choice being made every day and

Night somewhere. Take a sunset and put it in your pocket, take it out and look


Deeply when you are alone and you will never be lonely again. Smiles have brought us

Their many tears, tears have given us their crooked smiles, but believe me I wouldn't

Trade them for anywhere else. The energy it takes to keep us here is worth

Every spoken word, good or bad. The dream goes on and on. Take a bird

As a sign that there is always more, more music, more meadows, more summer dances. More love from me to you.