tacos are a flowering plant just south of here

by Bobbi Lurie

i offer myself to be swept clean of agony deserted and denounced due to conspiracy late at night i ate taco shells from the cupboard tacos are a flowering plant just south of here i admitted my part in between mouthfuls of blood old photographs as images which won't lift in this landscape which requires i swim in my earnest bathing suit though how many changes necessitate a purchase shaken earth so many girls waiting to be women lied to by their mothers about the infinite distances as if a world of rivers and fruit stores filled with insects not to mention the holes in my autobiography such fragile sticks against the doorway like boys once were devouring an innocence with equal innocence meaning myth is what the other half listens to we are all headed to be forsaken by animal hearts a mountain of poor attempts unredeemable once denounced cows pigs sheep blood the perfume merchants cover that scent of putrid flesh every handcuffed ended relationship drained of muscle and skin such basic substances compose the human flesh hallucinating hunts that resist the murder at dawn each sharpened blade splinters for the pleasure of dying in bedrooms other than this one no one sleeps in this panorama of open eyes bitter incandescence no one sleeps mummified into the violent chill of biology i bristle as if serpents waiting claw and caw of birds who glow like roses in artificial sight to be frivolous in the taverns any flamenco dancer worth her weight in weather dreams of damp earth connected to every glass of wine like that rose grimaced between teeth let us not pretend protest all you want