Walking Coma / Resurrection Happens

by Bill Yarrow

The doctor said it was walking pneumonia
     but Cid knew better. When Marguerite died,
          that was trauma. Run over by a bus. "Jesus!

I'm suffering from trauma!
 I can see and hear.
     I can feel and walk around. Even talk. I think
          maybe I'm in some kind of walking coma.

One where I can remember but not exactly
     remember, communicate but not really
          communicate, exist but not fully exist." 

Then one day all the symptoms vanished.
     He stopped using, got his CDL, drove to Reno, 
          met a dealer, married her, even agreed to raise her kid. 

It's possible to forgive the past its trespasses,
     stop seeing the future as a threat, reimagine 
          the present as a goal. Resurrection—it happens.