Suky Tawdry's Cab

by Ann Bogle

On cassette player, hearing Kurt Weill (thought first of Kurt Schwitters, Hanover) Bertolt Brecht's hurrying John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera."

(2/2), them fuckers, as Jack's second wife might have said before the dissolution of their momentary union in Las Vegas to honor their sons

I guess we're ripe for fiction, yet fiction, despite contrary reports, from two ends of the American spectrum, does not mean lies, in my HUM

I feel, listening to this 1930 re-administered recording by K. Weill, that Weill may have been ever more enthusiastic an artist than Brecht.

(5/8) (a sewing fraction) yet that (Brecht's lesser enthusiasm than Weill's) is not the fault.

(6/8) (7/8) (8/8) boob jobs, Matisse's playful additions, our scar, it's a strong day to look up the high school word in linguistics: zeugma