Spider on a Red Thing

by Ann Bogle

Initially gay marriage needed to be described in order to be enacted. Institution of Love went on bumper stickers and became a prerequisite.

Equality became the next goal, rendering gay redundant in describing marriage. Gaelic life is ringed with sharing and lent the word slogan. 

One man's only wife, seven years after the divorce, retained a marriage industrialist to franchise her elopement to the end without disruption

to her Irish marriage or proprietorship of her franchised husband's sons. She purchased testimony the Guyanese babysitter perjured after the

franchised older son videotaped his stepsister without her knowing in clothes and nude, in tapping the U.S. government for income her ex-

had waived for disability, since he and her family lived in wealth, that she figured lay dormant in his Social Security account. He had found

a caregiver on Medicaid ejected from A.A. carrying lowest rank in seniority who knew the three thousand directives to help him recover if he drank.

Cash in the U.S. looks like a spider on a red thing.

If I saw a glass ceiling, I would be in awe.