by A. Pseudonym

1.  I took a walk after a heavy rain where the ground beside the road was wet and receptive. The sun was cold but present after a long absence and I was glad for it, though it was setting and the clouds and the night were coming. And I remembered that you had walked here earlier, when it was raining, because I saw the prints of bare feet in the sand, and they pointed home. 

2. While I stood on the porch at the grill making supper, you inside in the kitchen talked with a friend and I only saw your face and lips make muted worlds on the other side of the window. I saw the depths in your hair, the ways of your neck leaning left, the lilting goodness submerged in your eyes and upturned in the voice I gave from my memory to your mouth while it moved and spoke truth.

3. When there are no more tears you always laugh, illogically. What is the meaning of you? Once we lay together in the summer in the dark and I made you a poem out of how I felt and what I thought about it. When you laughed I pretended to mind, and I thought it was the best thing that could have happened. I thought, my words and all their hope will never meet a better ear.