by Mathew Paust, Dec 01, 2012 | 13 comments

  1. About a month ago…
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  3. I took a little blue pill and can't stop writing. (If writing persists for more than four hours, call you agent immediately). Let's get back to criticizing.
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    Trolls are heresy or the "no"? Everyone seems well behaved.
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    Maybe it should be more private, like not viewable to non-members?
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    There are no trolls in Fictionaut. Heresy.
  7. I messaged you my full critique on this, Mathew.
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    I believe you are right about the way it works. Would be nice to have it truly private, altho I imagine this set-up is to keep the trolls away. Trolls? Do they even know about this place?
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    I have not really posted anything here because I am unclear on the public vs. private status of the group and if this is something that should be changed. As I understand it, right now the group...
  10. I still have to read it again. I was in a middle school classroom all day sub-teaching. Unable to access Fictionaut from the school computer. I might have missed something in my first two reads....
  11. Thanks Matt. I will ruminate and percolate and see what I can do.