Forum / Calling all fictionauts, petition to get me banned.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 12, 07:06pm

    Sign here if you want me banned.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 12, 07:10pm

    I am in support of a majority vote. Also if Jurgen feels it fit to ban me himself regardless of any petition then I'm fine with that, he is the owner and founder of the site and it is his decision and I respect that.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Nov 12, 07:11pm

    Matt Paust (conditioned upon you posting a sincere apology to everyone on Fictionaut for your cruelly insensitive comments about the Sandy Hook child massacre and promise to play by the very minimal rules in this collegial place, essentially to treat Fictionaut and its members with the same respect you would expect to be treated yourself.)

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 12, 07:17pm

    I am not going to apologise for my beliefs so that's 4 so far.

    Looks like a ban but that's fine because I support democracy no matter what I feel about the result :)

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Nov 12, 07:51pm

    Maybe you think you do, but democracy is part of a social contract, one of the fundamental tenets being civility. You started out here treating us with contempt, then you seemed to mature a bit and showed your considerable talent as a poet, and now...
    If you had stayed with your poetry and kept your distinctly unpoetic asocial arrogance in check you'd be welcome here.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Nov 12, 07:57pm

    This is a pathetic attempt at self-martyrdom to avoid accepting responsibility for the possible harmful consequences of spreading your so-called "beliefs."

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 12, 08:55pm

    Martyr? All I am saying is I don't mind getting banned if that's what people want. I actually don't want to post here anymore so a ban would crystalize that. I'm fine with a ban.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Nov 12, 11:33pm

    Jesus Christ, Samuel, I've wasted nearly an entire day on your bullshit. Yet I somehow retain the unlikely proposition that you may be educable. You need to learn how to discern what's true from what's false. I wish I could help, I really do, because I think your potentially good mind must have been befouled by spending too much time sitting in front of your screen, pecking at keys. Get out in the world, boy, look around, make your own judgements rather than believing whatever tripe you happen to encounter in digging down into the black depths of the internet. Trust your eyes not the bullshit that others would feed you. Surprisingly, considering how much you have pissed me off, I wish you well.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Nov 12, 11:36pm

    Good advice, Sam. Listen to the man.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 13, 12:05am

    WOW, so both of you know what's true from what's false? That's some feat. You should be sitting up on a mountain somewhere in the lotus position.

  • -5.thumb
    RW Spryszak
    Nov 19, 10:43pm

    I don't want him banned. Free speech means we respect the right of people to hold opinions we disagree with.

    He's a perfect asshole. But he has every right to be one. That's my free speech at work. Lol...

  • Football_02.thumb
    Chris Okum
    Nov 20, 02:31am

    Sam should not be banned, in my opinion. He's a good man and just because I don't agree with him about something doesn't mean I want him to disappear. I don't want anyone to disappear, not even the people who want everyone else to disappear.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Nov 20, 09:58pm

    It's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing or even being a perfect asshole. But as we're told free speech loses it 1st Amendment protection when it endangers others, e.g. yelling fire in a theater or inciting people to riot. I believe Sam crossed that line with his belligerent insistence that a massacre of children that everyone else here (to my knowledge) assumes did occur, was really a hoax. To me that is either a sign of immaturity or of something approaching sociopathy. I defended Sam initially when people called for his account to be dropped for saying things some interpreted as misogynistic. Some of those accusers may well consider me a misogynist for doing so. I might even be one, altho it would depend, I suppose, on the definition of such at any particular given time in the social space-time continuum. What Sam has done now, however, I see in a different light. At least one member--Matt Dennison--was banned for threatening another member, as I recall. I've heard of others "disappearing" before I became a member and perhaps afterward. Don't know why in any of those cases. I don't believe in censorship or banning, as a general rule. Sam has disappointed me quite much in this episode. I said, earlier in this thread, I would support removing Sam's account. I was angry at the time. I decided later that were Sam to apologize for throwing that hurtful stink bomb into the forum and then insulting everyone who called him on it--were he to apologize, I would support giving him a pass. Somehow, tho, I don't see Sam apologizing for anything, but maybe I'm misjudging him. I always prefer a happy ending, and may this sordid tale have one, too.

  • Rebel.thumb
    Sally Houtman
    Nov 21, 01:51am

    "At least one member--Matt Dennison--was banned for threatening another member, as I recall."

    I'm afraid you recall incorrectly.

    Since this is a public forum, and since that statement is libellous, allow me to publicly set the record straight.

    Matt Dennison threatened no one at any time.

    Matt was, in fact, threatened by another member.

    For a copy of the posted (and subsequently quickly deleted) threat, contact me privately.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Nov 21, 04:17am

    I think I was the one who originally called for Sam's "banning," whatever that means. However, as I said a bit earlier in this thread, I don't care whether he stays or goes really. I would like to see the thread wherein he posts his vile "hoax," theory taken down from the forum, since its presence smears us all by including Fictionaut as one of the internet cesspoools where the most revolting, harmful rumor-mongering can find a home.

  • Image.thumb
    Charlotte Hamrick
    Nov 28, 01:04am

    The best way to "ban" trolls or objectionable/despicable/hateful/sick people without infringing on their rights is by ignoring them. Don't comment on their work, don't reply to their comments, delete their negative comments from your work.

    I agree with Sally. Matt D. didn't throw the first punch in that scuffle.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Nov 28, 03:55pm

    I apologize for mistaking who "threw the first punch" in the Matt Dennison/Sheldon Lee Compton dustup. I had missed the episode itself and came in only during the discussion as to who was "right" and who was "wrong". The entire episode, from what I learned in that discussion, struck me as childish, with both parties sharing blame for conducting their hissing match on Fictionaut.

  • Photo.thumb
    Adam Sifre
    Nov 28, 09:50pm

    If you (Sam) believe Sandy Hook was staged, then I'm sure you believe this petition is rigged.

  • Post-26229-12790230958.thumb
    Iain James Robb
    Dec 11, 11:13am

    I don't think Sandy Hook was staged, and that's something Samuel and I disagree on. He's aware of that, but I personally know him, and I'm not going to advocate his banning for what was essentially free speech.

  • Photo.thumb
    Adam Sifre
    Dec 11, 02:06pm

    It's his petition. Take it up with him.

  • Img_1307.thumb
    James Lloyd Davis
    Dec 15, 02:50am

    There are people who assume an obnoxious and insensitive persona for the purpose of gaining some kind of celebrity when all otherwise efforts fail them.
    There are more than a few such people in the US who make a lucrative income through professional insensitivity, so this is nothing new.
    The real question is, "Why do it on Fictionaut, where you can only offend dozens at best, when larger venues await. Media where the ambitious individual can offend thousands... indeed, tens of thousands, if not millions.
    Fame awaits the willing.

  • 408a4808.thumb
    Kait Mauro
    Feb 10, 02:25pm

    I'm just not going to even bother reading any comments he writes anymore. If the 7 he posted on my short poem are any indication, they'll be misogynistic and non sequitur.

  • -5.thumb
    RW Spryszak
    Feb 10, 03:11pm

    Kait, he's just a clown looking to incite and has long since stopped having an effect. He is so wrapped up in his own invented persona he doesn't even realize what a joke he's become. Just laugh. It's like a Rosen vaccine.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Feb 10, 04:12pm

    You can delete them, too, Kait. Wear out his fingers.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 11, 03:53pm

    Mathew, you are such a hypocrite, you were the one pming me about Charlotte Hamrick and then suddenly you are the best of friends with her?

    I have decided to not keep anything back, honesty is the best policy.

    What I said in Kait's thingie is true, women as a species are in the sexual driving seat and can relatively pick and choose their partners, they wait for the males to come to them so that they can reject them or accept them. Men are at the mercy of women's egos and sex/desire for affection/desire to be closer to god transferred to the opposite sex is what is behind the greatest literature/songs/art etc, it is what drives the energy to create.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 11, 03:58pm

    This is what I have experienced throughout my life and I can only go on what I myself have heard, seen and felt.

    There is something terribly liberating about having women constantly treat you (from the time you were born to ultimately the edge of death) as worthless and utterly undesirable but it is a spiritually destructive kind of freedom.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 11, 04:08pm

    Men as a species should realise that when they fall in love with a woman they are not really falling in love with a woman they are falling in love with a personification of the desire to be closer to that which created the universe, whatever the universe might be.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 11, 04:25pm

    In a world of steel-eyed death and men who are fighting to be warm, come in she said I'll
    give you shelter from the storm.

    If a man is denied throughout his life that shelter then....... It goes all the way back to ancient times when men went out to kill the animals and to kill other men in order to provide/protect the women and children. Modern feminism denies this, it denies that we are first and foremost animals in the process of developing a soul, it is rejection of who we are. This is why for the most part men are more likely to be individuals (through necessity) and women a hive-mentality. Not all women and not all men, but the reason Emily Dickinson was such a great poet is because she lived her whole life in an attic, because she could not stomach "humanity" as it was and relatively still is. There are female writers on here that I admire and value their work but when I go out to poetry gatherings I do not see that, I see a hive-mentality, sorry excuses for poems ranting about how evil men are etc etc etc. Modern feminism is a cancer and it is being pushed by the elites to divide women and men in order to bring down the population, it also makes it easier for us to be controlled. That is just one example.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 11, 04:55pm

    "all great love songs are written to a woman who does not exist"

  • Frankenstein-painting_brenda-kato.thumb
    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 12, 01:03am

    Samuel, I will say this- your poetry is much better than your comments/critiques of poetry, people, or life itself.

    The strongest feature in your poetry is its personal connection.

    Your inability to discuss or comment without attack mode on personality or the personal - hence the need for 10 comments when 1 would do is, in my opinion, the large crack in what passes as your communicating with others. Your ideas become lost in the relentless barrage against the personal. Whether you mean it or not, your views come to others as if you have THE truth, everyone else is a fool.

    And as for Emily Dickinson, if you believe her greatness - if in fact you actually consider her work great- is "because she lived her whole life in an attic, because she could not stomach 'humanity' as it was and relatively still is," then you've not read the same poet I have.

    Lastly - if you can't see the tendency toward or need for a hive-mentality in men, a comment thread will not help -so I won't try.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 12, 01:36am

    I'd say that's a fairly rational observation.

  • Frankie Saxx
    Mar 02, 10:38am

    I don't know what you've done that people might want you banned for, so I can't cast an informed vote, and I do feel casting an informed vote is part of the social contract of a working democracy.

    That said, if you don't want to post anymore and are looking to get rid of your account, I have a friend that would love to have one, if you'd be willing to pass it along.

  • Face1.thumb
    Dan Pullen
    Mar 02, 12:08pm

    Geez, I join a site and day one I see this.

    My sister's former fiance lost her sister at Sandy Hook. That's *former* fiance mostly because their relationship took a spiral afterwards. Drinking, depression, etc. All the normal things that sometimes happen when losing a family member.

    I also know Gene Rosen. Yes, "Creepy Gene" the supposed actor. I see him every week when his grandson and my son bowl together. He's lived in this area his whole life, he worked as a psychiatrist at Fairfield Hills in Newtown before he retired. He ran a dog walking business before that. I knew him as a kind, loving grandfather long before Sandy Hook, and it was a blessing that those kids found their way to his door. But no good deed goes unpunished, as we all know. Deniers harassed Gene for months afterwards, all for showing kids a bit of kindness.

    I don't know you, I don't know what motivates you to find holes in what happened. I wasn't there, but I was close. I work roughly five miles from Sandy Hook and I saw exactly how the community and some people directly linked were affected. I know you probably won't believe me, but it was not staged.

  • Frankie Saxx
    Mar 02, 12:09pm

    On further reflection, I'm pretty sure none of my friends would want their name to end up attached to some of your political opinions.

    Never mind.

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