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    Susan Tepper
    Feb 15, 08:06am

    Gloria Mindock of Cervena Barva Press was very impressed with the work presented for the V-Day Challenge. She has graciously offered to publish a chapbook of the V-Day stories and poems! Cervena Barva Press published my first chapbook Blue Edge in 2006, and has published many established writers as well as new voices. This press' books and chapbooks are of the highest quality. This is a fabulous opportunity for everyone who participated in the challenge! Go to Cervena Barva Press website to see all the beautiful books Gloria has published, and what else she has forthcoming.
    More details on V-Day chapbook soon...

  • Daviderlewine.thumb
    David Erlewine
    Feb 15, 08:59am

    WOW! That is some bleepin' news! What a nice way to start Monday morning! D

  • 2734896685_cccc347f0a_b.thumb
    Kevin Myrick
    Feb 15, 09:19am

    That's great news Susan! And thanks Gloria!

    Do we have the option of one last look at our stories for editing purposes before it goes to press? Or does the work stand as it is?

  • Frankenstein-painting_brenda-kato.thumb
    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 15, 09:26am

    Congratulations to you, Susan, for starting all this.

    I am glad I participated - I almost didn't because of my editorial policy of not posting unpublished work. It was an important piece, that I probably would not have written - at least not in its present form - if not for your challenge. So, thanks.

    I look forward to this chapbook.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 15, 09:37am

    There will be plenty of TIME for everyone to edit, etc, before turning in your manuscript to the press. It also takes time to assemble a chapbook. I will keep everyone updated on the process as we move along.

  • Flawntnewsmall.thumb
    Finnegan Flawnt
    Feb 15, 10:08am

    "Chapbook is a generic term to cover a particular genre of pocket-sized booklet, popular from the sixteenth through to the later part of the nineteenth century. No exact definition can be applied." (source: wikipedia)

    i have come across this term 'chapbook' in anyone's posts many times. pleased to be part of something that i don't quite understand and that's (see quote) so out of this world as to close the great time warp in the best postmodern sense of the word.

    i stand by every word, true to my heraldic posy "when you've got it, flaunt it."

    thanks, susan!

  • Deckfight_georgia_font-crop.thumb
    Josh Spilker
    Feb 15, 10:20am

    wow, congrats. found out about this too late, but this is awesome.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 15, 10:33am

    Finnegan, the actual standard chapbook size these days is 5 and a half by 8 and a half inches. Not quite pocket-sized but certainly handy to carry around. And nice to give as gifts. It's a popular form of book for poetry and short fiction. The perfect format for our V-Day challenge poems and stories.

  • Flawntnewsmall.thumb
    Finnegan Flawnt
    Feb 15, 11:16am

    susan, it sounds practically perfect in every way and you're the wo/man, in my view. Cervena barva press of course must be thanked, too, on the grounds of recognising a good thing when they saw it. Looking forward to this (for me) new process!

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    Feb 15, 11:17am


  • Pic_dl_95.thumb
    Dorothee Lang
    Feb 15, 11:49am

    yey!! what a great idea!
    will go and look at their webpage now :)

  • Photo_on_2012-05-10_at_10.25.thumb
    Susan Gibb
    Feb 15, 12:03pm

    Oh my--what happens when you get down to housework and don't check the internet!

    Susan, I'm so very happy you started this all and grateful to Gloria and Cervena for realizing its potential.

    It was a wonderful project and some phenomenal work was produced in just a couple days. Thank you all!

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 15, 12:23pm

    CLARIFICATION: Fictionaut TWITTER shows 20 stories and poems posted for the Valentine's Day Massacre Challenge, but there were actually a total of 25 stories and poems for the challenge.

  • Frankenstein-painting_brenda-kato.thumb
    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 15, 12:46pm

    Is the difference in number, Susan, because some writers - like myself - didn't list Valentine's Day Massacre in the title line?

    I didn't even think about that. I placed the challenge note with the poem itself.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 15, 01:09pm

    Yes, Sam. But we've got you and everybody else who did the challenge covered. It's 25.

  • Flawntnewsmall.thumb
    Finnegan Flawnt
    Feb 15, 01:17pm

    the cross total of 25 is 2 + 5 = 7 - a lucky number:

    "Seven is the fourth prime number. It is not only a Mersenne prime (since 23 − 1 = 7) but also a double Mersenne prime since it is itself the exponent for another Mersenne prime (127). It is also a Newman-Shanks-Williams prime, a Woodall prime, a factorial prime, a lucky prime, a happy number, a safe prime and the fourth Heegner number." (source: wikipedia)

  • Fbphoto1.thumb
    Doug Bond
    Feb 15, 01:52pm

    Bravo've set something wonderful in motion here. Can't wait for the St. Patrick's Day that should be amusing...

  • Gloriamindock200x274.thumb
    Gloria Mindock
    Feb 15, 01:57pm

    I am so happy that all of you are excited about this. It is such an honor for me to publish this chapbook.

    Cervena Barva Press

  • Frankenstein-painting_brenda-kato.thumb
    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 15, 02:06pm

    Thank you, Gloria, for this marvelous opportunity.

  • Fictionaut.thumb
    Meg Pokrass
    Feb 15, 02:26pm

    This news is incredible! Thank you Susan, Gloria, and everyone who participated to make this so special!

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 15, 02:35pm

    Doug, I definitely think you are the guy to run the St. Paddy's challenge!

  • Bless_you.thumb
    Derek Osborne
    Feb 15, 02:44pm

    So I get up this AM and have to rush out for a meeting. Didn't even get upstairs till now and what do I see? Thanks for doing this and thanks for including me. I'm psyched.

  • Innis_author_photo.thumb
    Julie Innis
    Feb 15, 02:51pm

    This is wonderful news, all! What a collection of great talents!!

  • Trees.thumb
    Carol Reid
    Feb 15, 02:57pm

    Congrats to all of you! I look forward to seeing your collection.

  • 2734896685_cccc347f0a_b.thumb
    Kevin Myrick
    Feb 15, 03:36pm

    Finnegan, did you just use math on a fiction website? Seriously? I think my brain just exploded.

    I've already got an excellent story planned for St. Patrick's Day too...

  • Estelle_bruno.thumb
    Estelle Bruno
    Feb 15, 04:58pm

    It sure is a pleasure to be in your
    chap book Gloria.

  • Miles-2.thumb
    Miles Tepper
    Feb 15, 04:59pm

    Gloria, this is really exciting. This is a great thing you are doing.

  • Daviderlewine.thumb
    David Erlewine
    Feb 15, 05:11pm

    Folks like Gloria and Susan make me happy to be toiling away at stories at odd hours of the night. Thanks to you both.

  • Picture1.thumb
    Ajay Nair
    Feb 15, 11:00pm

    This sounds very exciting. Can't wait!

  • Img_0741.thumb
    See ya
    Feb 16, 06:10am

    This is simply awesome. Wow, it's going to be a helluva chapbook, I think.

  • April2010.thumb
    sara t.
    Feb 16, 09:04am

    Great news. Feels good to be part of this. When is this going to be published?

  • Tux.thumb
    Gary Percesepe
    Feb 16, 10:13am

    great to see so many people happy--shiny, happy, massacred.

    tee hee

  • Darryl_falling_water.thumb
    Darryl Price
    Feb 16, 10:28am

    I agree. Here have some heart.

  • Tn_nora_copy_4.thumb
    Nora Nadjarian
    Feb 16, 11:00am

    what a lovely surprise! thanks Susan and Gloria! well done all fellow writers and fictionaut friends!!!

  • Img_0358.thumb
    Matt Kang
    Feb 16, 01:54pm

    Hey, this is great news.

    Thanks, and I'm grateful (and confused) to be a part of this.

  • Photo_du_53076177-10-_%c3%a0_14.44.thumb
    Angela Brett
    Feb 16, 03:40pm

    I'm also grateful and confused (What's a chapbook? Is there money involved or is it all, appropriately, 'for love'?), and wondering why Finnegan considers the properties of the remainder when 25 is divided by 9 to be more important than the properties of 25 itself. Not only is it both square and octagonal, it's what the baby's using. (I'm not going to explain that, because the video explaining where it really came from has been taken down, so I guess its originator wants it to be mysterious.) And yeah, if I go to wikipedia, I find that it's the smallest composite non-sociable number whose aliquot sequence does not terminate.

    However, in case anyone else was confused by his post, I should mention that the 3 is an exponent.

  • Photo_on_2012-05-10_at_10.25.thumb
    Susan Gibb
    Feb 16, 05:54pm

    If you go to the Cervana site, you'll get a better idea of a chapbook (and the high quality that this press produces). It is usually a short essay, a small collection of a few stories or poetry, normally a focused theme or subject, so this is a perfect form for this selection of pieces. Since Gloria graciously offered to produce this, there is no money paid to the writers but I think that the chapbook will be like an anthology of a two-day hustle where 25 writers and poets put together their talents and came out with a phenomenal array of Valentine reading. It's sort of a joy of camaraderie that will be honored by print.

    Angela--as far as the numbers go, I'll leave that to Finny to answer!

  • Pic_dl_95.thumb
    Dorothee Lang
    Feb 17, 03:27am

    Gloria, Susan: so great that you had this idea! thanks for creating this chapbook. i visited the Cervana Press site, it looks really good. now i can't wait for the valentine massacre to go print.

  • Flawntnewsmall.thumb
    Finnegan Flawnt
    Feb 17, 03:54am

    angela, i dig you. the 13 letters of this last sentence is the smallest integer with eight letters in its spelled out name in English. It is also the age at which children officially become teenagers.

    we ought to start thinking about a new litmag called math 101 or something like it. so MUCH you can do with numbers never mind the inherent distraction from the writing path.

    as an afterthought - 'masscacre', via its 8 letters, can uselessly be linked via quaternions and the exceptional lie group E(8) to quantum physics. hence, with love and quantum physics at its start, this chapbook may well contain all of the wonders of this world. pat yourself on yer back for that, folks.

    with so many connections and miracles in one place, i am surprised and appalled that we will not get paid for this chapbook but i suppose i'll let it go this time. (just kidding, of course)

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 17, 09:48am

    Susan Gibb has summed it up quite perfectly. This is a fabulous opportunity to have the Valentine Massacre work come out in print by a very fine press. It will be a very special chapbook by a group of connected writers who obviously believe in the power of love.
    Also, check out the Fictionaut Cervena Barva Press Group for updates and links (I posted one recently).

  • Daviderlewine.thumb
    David Erlewine
    Feb 21, 12:25pm

    I shared the good news with Susan and Gloria bu thought I'd post here too...maybe get some others to submit their V-Day stories. A slightly revised version of my V-Day story (shaved down about 150 words) was just accepted by Staccato Fiction. Should be up on their site soon. Thanks to everyone who commented on this story. And thanks to Susan for inspiring it. I'm often accused of having stories that are just dark and depressing. While my story had dark elements, I think it was the most fun I've had writing something in a long time. And I hope I don't come across as annoying for saying that).

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 22, 10:02am

    David, you don't come across annoying in any way, shape or form. I'm so glad you had fun with the challenge, that was the whole point of it. Then for Gloria to step up and offer to make us a chapbook-- well that was the icing on the cake! Your stories are dark and compelling. You (everyone) should always write what we want to, and never worry about other peoples opinions. That's my soap-box message of the day. Cheers!

  • Daviderlewine.thumb
    David Erlewine
    Feb 22, 12:32pm

    Why thank you, Susan! What a nice note. My wife and my parents and, well, a number of my friends are always telling me to write something "happy." I'm not sure they'll consider this a happy story (ha ha) but it might be as close as I get. That said, the experience definitely was fun and one I should try again soon. Indeed, it was a great challenge.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 22, 12:41pm

    well sharpen your pen for the April Fool Challenge that Kevin Myrick has proposed--
    I'm looking fwd to that one, too!
    BTW, great interview you did on jmww blog with Mike Czynewjewski of Mid-American Review.

  • Daviderlewine.thumb
    David Erlewine
    Feb 22, 12:46pm

    Indeed, I will be ready for the April Fools Challenge!

    And thanks so much about the Mike Czyzniejewski interview. His book is amazing and I hope more people read it along with his wonderful stories online.

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