Matt Briggs

Location Seattle
Occupation Writer

Books by Matt Briggs
  • by Matt Briggs
    Clear Cut Press, 2005.

  • by Ava Chin
    McGraw-Hill, 2002.

  • by Peter Donahue
    University of Washington Press, 2004-05.
  • About Me

    I’m a writer living in the suburbs south of Seattle, north of Tacoma.I grew up in the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington State.

    I'm the author of eight works of fiction including <i>The Remains of River Names and Shoot the Buffalo</i>. A collection of very short stories is forthcoming from Dr. Cicero Books. Stories have appeared in the Northwest Review, Chicago Review, Seattle Magazine, Word Riot, and ZYZZYVA. My fiction has been awarded The Stranger Genius Award, The Nelson Bentley Prize in Fiction from The Seattle Review, and The American Book Award for my novel _Shoot the Buffalo_. I have has an MA in Fiction from The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University.

    Why do you write?


    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Allen B. Downey (Think Python), Borges, Christine Schutt, Donella Meadows (Thinking in Systems), Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, Gary Lutz (Stories in the Worst Way), Georges Perec (Species of Spaces), Gertrude Stein, HL Davis (Honey in the Horn), Iris Murdoch (The Sea, The Sea), Janet Frame, Kafka, Ken Kesey (Sometimes a Great Notion), Kevin Sampsell (A Common Pornography), Lee Williams (After Nirvana), Lynda Barry (Cruddy), Malcolm Lowry (Under the Volcano), Margaret Atwood, Matthew McIntosh (Well, , theMystery.doc), Nabokov, Peter Elbow (Writing without Teachers), Rick Bass (his stories), Steve Himmer, Willie Smith (Oedipus Cadet)

    Matt Briggs's Wall

    Franklin Goodish – Nov 13, 2009

    Thanks for looking past my initially annoying comments. Your response was quite insightful and interesting.

    Much appreciate the close read of my latest piece.

    Justin Dobbs – Dec 27, 2008

    I edited my window story a little and added some things, though not necessarily in the way that you might prefer.

    Meghan Austin – Oct 24, 2008

    Yeah, there was a massive Seattle to Chicago migration in 2002. We would've taken more people, but Paula's car was full of cats. Can you send us some coffee?

    Meghan Austin – Oct 23, 2008

    Hi! I haven't seen that cartoon. Is it better than the Snorks?

    Tim Elhajj – Oct 21, 2008

    This place seems pretty cool. I like the look and feel. Thanks for the invite!

    Gail Siegel – Sep 07, 2008

    Under the Volcano. Such a great book. I tried to read it when I was 30 and couldn't. Ten years later, I couldn't put it down.

    Jürgen Fauth – Sep 06, 2008

    Hey Matt! Now I remember why your name is so familiar:

    Great to see you here.

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