Jennifer Blowdryer

Location NYC
Occupation writer

About Me

I've written a few books, novels and non fiction, and am currently working on a website in which I interview people who've been 86'd from places, There's lots of info about me on my website, I'm about to start working on a book on death and food, and do Spoken Word from time to time. I'm primarily a satirist, and love Jon Ronson, Jake Arnott, and Jonathan Ames.

Why do you write?

I write, usually, cuz I'm good at it and I have a deadline.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Oh, favorite writers again - George Saunders, Jake Arnott, Jonathan Ames, Jon Ronson, Richard Price, Hanif Kureshi. My favorite books from that bunch would be: The Long Firm (crime trilogy) by Jake Arnott. Also Gary Indiana's ad hoc crime trilogy, Depraved Indifference being the one that comes to mind first, is a great favorite of mine. I love George Saunders short fiction, and am tackling his book of essays, The Braindead Megaphone. For Hanif Kureshi there are 3 books I like the best, Buddha of Suburbia, Gabriel's Gift, and My Son the Fanatic.

Jennifer Blowdryer's Wall

David Erlewine – Mar 24, 2009

George Saunders is fantastic. Nice to see you here.

Jennifer Blowdryer – Oct 04, 2008

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