The Mother Kidnappers

by Victor Luo

We kidnap mothers of all sorts: old mothers, single mothers, young mothers (rarely), but we never do it for ransom. As a society we are adamantly opposed to the use of violence. Our mission is to remove mothers from environments they are not appreciated in, whether by their spouses or their children. We kidnap the mothers who work fifty-hour work weeks and manage to scrounge up the occasional dinner and keep the house reasonably clean but still have their husbands groan to them how easy their (the mothers') lives are. We kidnap the mothers whose faces children boldly scream their hatred at with a convenient amnesia regarding the long history of unconditional nurturing and the ignorance of just how much space the children occupy in the mother's heart and mind. We kidnap the mothers who cannot express their desires, who keep their worries bottled up, and live a mum-life without their own family noticing. We take these mothers and put them somewhere safe, a subliminal zone where they do not even realize they have been taken away. In this subliminal zone they are finally given the treatment they have yearned so deeply for. We keep close track of the families we have kidnapped mothers from, keep track of how their hearts and attitudes have changed, most of all keeping track of the resolve they have cultivated to take greater and active appreciation. However, this is sadly not too common, as we determine that a lot of the emotion that goes from a missing mother is not for the mother herself but for the painful absence they are experiencing, which is not the same thing as resolve. As a result there are several mothers we never return, several mothers we work long and hard to keep stored away in their blissful subliminal zones to live the rest of their lives where they are actually appreciated.