by Victor Luo

I have full bars on my iPhone, but no one has called, texted, emailed, IM'd, tweeted, Facebook'd,  Tumblr messaged, or commented on my blog and I wonder if I am really connected, if my iPhone hasn't suddenly started to malfunction and I am really just all alone here, unconnected. I want go home and check if I am connected, but I can't right now, there are errands I need to run, little annoying things that require no brain activity and only the slightest of contact with strangers. But as I am doing my errands, I want someone to interrupt me, my iPhone to buzz, someone to remind me that I haven't yet stumbled out of touch, that I can forget this loneliness I feel wandering outside where I am not quite comfortable, where people do not ever really look at me and when they do I do not think they are looking at me, but through me, the thought of which terrifies me.