Blues Repeat

by Tim Young

the blues repeat
but blues always do
sinking into the night
drinking of you

my face almost sparkles
fireworks in my eyes
but blues in my head
keep singing goodbye

such loaded full whiskey
dancing all night
head near exploding
never catching the light

crazy haze living
near the edge of my eyes
until like the moon
I float in the sky

don't look at me honey
I fell on the table
my hair is on fire
my heart is unstable

I promise I'll leave here
by morning I said
then promised you something
something in bed

but booze stinks like the toilet
like nasty old news
trapped in a dungeon
chained to the blues

then when I understand
there's no running away
it's clear today is a shadow
an empty ashtray

yeah I'm losing it honey
I spit when I cough
a bloody reminder
it's time to lay off

and you seem so deep
like a lake I would swim
the morning chill
still calling me in

didn't know the blues then
or how it repeats
but seeing you now
makes the dancing complete

and the thought of holding you
makes me still shiver
but dreams aren't reality
and the blues ain't a river

but lost in the spiral
the dance twists and turns
like the aches in my heart
like the blues when it burns