Kwaazy Wabbit

by Tim G. Young

well now turn the page
upset the bucket
tilt the boat 
set dreams on fire

destroy the day
rip up the track
jump in the water
eat nothing but bugs

don't take a break
don't breathe deep
don't be quiet
don't listen at all

up in your face
up the wall
inside out
dance all night

lift paper clips
run in the shower
buy lemon meringue
pick your nose

live on whiskey
marshmallows and donuts
fry up some grizzle
spam and eggs

spill holy water
cover with wax
save all the garbage
and rusty nails

in the morning
in the evening
any time at all
enjoy risk
risky risk risk

all aboard 
night train
loaded with
a million ha ha's

steaming along
steaming short
steaming guts
steaming my ass.