what time is it really is it?

by strannikov

what time is it really is it?


i see the mountain through the trees.


through the trees the mountain i see.


through the mountains I see trees

lit in late day's clouds and haze

before or until arriving smoke

from nearby mountains other trees.


communicable, contagious thirst

among forests, trees, and human folk

also claiming residency

where trees reside and water does not.


when beholding the tree, see the forest.

when beholding the forest, see the tree.

when beholding forest and tree

when beholding tree and forest,

now also persons people see,

now see water no more there.


through bristling trees and desiccate air

where mountain glaciers no more drip,

the roar of fire speaks lasting heat,

enduring drought, channels burning dirts.

no one wants to share parcht thirsts

with forests or with trees.

what time is it really is it?