five discards or less

by strannikov

Contests of meaning hand over hand up thick vines axiologies

riding bamboo-clad brass poles into waiting flames pale days never seen

thinking for yourself no one in the world to teach writing for revenge

to spill your scruples commit crimes and be on time with pathologies

the boats sail at dusk passengers eat sweet desserts their collisions met.


Tomorrow is but the pupil of yesterday paradises fade

described descriptions with not the time to read them in months they'll be new

paying for our speech convinced of our fresh mistakes most all tears deceive

turns of phrase and lie with honest inspiration are the healthy real?

think through decide once meteors planets and stars the great are insane.


Gather your tastes and let logic explain ideals all pains are severe

narrate nothing great find the small interesting what's close to your nose

strange creatures and words on the doorsteps at the gates and heard from both sides

each hair casts shadow ever reading never read reviewers review

who dares to lay hold of whate'er beggary lacks while greed lacks much more?


Let anger be slow and let thoughts delay your speech and find the fit time

beyond perceptions what will endure beyond sense but long quiet graves?

to deceive others do not bother to deceive yourself first of all

the interruptions that keep us from our purpose inflame our purpose

modesty is born it cannot be taught to us diamonds come from coals.


What words will endure past those skulls that once denied that nothingness lurks?

those plans that were made by the graveyards' residents remain unfulfilled

weep or go stark mad your amanuensic fool will bury your words

and petrify them and who knows whether or when grass will grow on top

gifts sent to the dead benefit neither sender nor recipient.