by Marda Miller

I've been chasing something that cannot be caught
I need so much more of what I have not got
longing to be somewhere where I am not and when we're all on board
the starlight leads us forward

I've been trying fiercely to defy gravity
slowly moving forward in my own galaxy
careening at the speed of light but the traffic is too much
the morning brings a static haze and I'm amazed

When the sun awakes
I'll be leaving on a shooting star
drifting further from the pieces of where you are
in the stratosphere
I'll be floating high above the world
all the stars in space collide without a trace

I am looking under every single star
searching all the places where I think you are
knowing I will find out what I met you for
turn around
the sun is shining bright now

The starlight now has found me lost
but I'm moving on
through this maze of darkened space I will reach the sun
comets shooting past me but I am not afraid
until the day
when we will be spectacular