Whose Music Is Written On the Sky

by Jerry Ratch

You walked into the dream world

That divides us from each other

And removed your clothes

And there was no specific language

For orgasm there

It was all multilingual


They were white and fluffy like new clouds

Like notes written on the bars of the sky

Which were straight white vapor trails

It was all multilingual

So, whose music was written on the sky

Like that?


You were holding yourself in your own arms

You were so fresh

No thunder had ever spoken your name

No lightning lit up your veins

Everywhere there was thirst and want

And so, was that the feather, or

The father of all fallen dreams

I heard tumbling down around you?


You were in such great need of being held

That I rushed to your side to do it

But you wouldn't let me hold you

So, whose music was written on the sky

For you?


Your quiet beauty may be what carries you

While the sky's on fire with existence

And you may bend over and

Kiss my soul goodbye

While you look me in the eye


What was it exactly that

Saturated the air between us

Beyond all forms, beyond believing

No tongue has soiled it, and no word

Has ever reached it so far


We all knew the music was written on the sky for you

Whose music was it?