unstoppable fire

by Jerry Ratch


First of all, you should know an unstoppable fire made my panties roar for you. Maybe you will come to understand what effect you had on my life, my whole life, I mean. You should know the effect you had on people. Me, and Sharon too, both. And I'm sure there were others. But you should know how you made my soul float once near your bedroom ceiling, like a speckled moth, like a god. That I felt like a goddess in your arms. How you made me feel inside, for the longest time.


So, things have changed, and I've grown older, so what! So maybe I judge a book by its print size now, instead of by its cover. I can still remember, with the finest clarity, the moments I spent with you — as if they were only yesterday! You should know this.


So maybe nobody reads your stuff, in this life or the next, so what? So you wear the gray sweater with balls and holes. Do you really think I would have cared? And now maybe I am sleeping beside a man who's dressed more like a dapper lumberjack. I knew (or suspected) even then what you had hidden in your heart. But you were racy and aggressive, and I liked it! I'm not going to start making excuses now, and you shouldn't either. There is no way you could have known how I felt about you.