The First Time

by Jerry Ratch


Do you remember who I am yet? 


I remember the first time you made love to me. It appears I was one of the lucky ones … it wasn't in a car, it wasn't in your Dad's boat, underwater, or any other weird place you've written about. It was actually in your bedroom … in a bed!


At one point, when passions were running high, my mind began to float out of my body and suddenly I was watching us from somewhere near the ceiling. It couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds, but the event must have burned itself into my brain because I remember it like it was yesterday. I told you about it and you laughed at me, saying, “You came, that's all.”


That's all? THAT'S ALL?? How many people do you know that have had ‘out of body' experiences when they had sex? I can say with certainty that it has never happened to me again.


You've been a hard act to follow!


Oh, one more thing! You had to be the unrivaled hickey master of Villa Park. Maybe all of Illinois. I wore turtle-neck sweaters for months because my neck was a totally different color than the rest of my body!