The Andy Warhol Experience

by Jerry Ratch


Whenever I go shopping,

I am trying my best not to be overwhelmed

by an Andy Warhol experience.


This is not like your typical Orwellian

Big Brother experience,

like when enormous Chairman Mao posters

appear out of nowhere,

keeping an eye on practically everything.


Nor is it anything like a Jimi Hendrix experience,

like with dope or anything.

No, I'm talking about being inundated

by boxes of Brillo Pads,

gigantic Tide Boxes,

things that on any normal shopping outing

with the likes of Andy Warhol,

you would find yourself exclaiming

that you just had to have

one of everything.


I mean, it's just so American,

like with Walt Whitman at the supermarket,

squeezing the tomatoes.