Dream of the Feast

by Jerry Ratch


I'd caught a small fish

but there wasn't enough room on the bridge

to reel it in completely

so I carried it hanging from my pole

along the edge of the traffic


A fine black dog joined me

following me into the shack

at the end of the bridge

There was a red collar

around his neck

with a name tag that read:



I could see that the dog

was determined to have the fish

but I realized I'd better

remove the hook

so the dog wouldn't swallow it


The little fish was squirming

trying to say something

but the dog had already convinced me

to give him the fish

since it was so small


When I removed the hook

from the fish's mouth

there was the tiny body of a woman

impaled on the hook

and a strand of dried

earthworm, or seaweed

Or maybe rhinestones