Band Names Too

by Jerry Ratch

Gun Notches

Working Stiff

Garlic Torch

Dog Crouch



Ein Zwei Drei

Fake German Soldier

Wet Tissue

Tissue Paper Pants

Tough Stains

Adam and Evil

Closed Loophole

Wait For It

Fiscal Cliff and the Cliffhangers

Republic Cans

Junk Heap

Grumpy and The Skinny Dinosaurs

Hillary's Pantsuits

Early Riser

Roller Coaster Rooster

Bambam Rooster

Eating Crows

Don't Move

Hands Up

Gag Order

Twinkies Defense


Hare Pumpkin

Band Width

Pulled Pork

Dummies for Dummies

Stale Nuts

Fickle Pickle

Bus Bench Bums

Fresh Mesh and the Ventilators

Fiscal Cliff and the Merry Widow Pranksters

Mortgage and the Relief

Disputin Devils

Barn Owl

Fire Hydrant

Muffin Top