Foo Fighters

by Hugh Barlow

This is not my official report on the Foo Fighter phenomenon, but is instead a blog for use by those merely interested in the phenomena. The official draft will be completed upon the conclusion of my studies. This blog is merely a catalog of my thoughts and experiences while I study this phenomena .

As anyone who reads this report should know, “Foo Fighters” was the name given to unidentified flying objects that first started chasing aircraft during World War Two. The phenomenon had been identified as possibly being ball lightning, optical illusions created by light refraction through ice crystals, or attributed to poor eyesight due to looking into the sun while flying. It was reported that one gunner on a B-29 aircraft managed to hit one of the objects with fire from his weapon only to have it disintegrate upon the impact of the weapon's fire. The object then struck several structures below his aircraft and set them afire.

I have postulated that this one instance raises the question that the current belief that these so called "Foo Fighters" are not in fact electrostatic phenomenon as is currently accepted by the scientific community at large, but are in fact some sort of craft. An electrostatic phenomena would not have disintegrated upon impact as it was reputed to have done in the one instance when gunfire was accurately directed at the phenomena. Only a physical object would react in such a manner. An electrostatic charge would have been either unaffected or would have dissipated upon the impact of the weapon's fire.

There have been increased reports of these phenomena being sighted in the Rio Grande Valley of Deep South Texas. Since the prevalence of the phenomena has increased in the area and seems to be steady, I have been dispatched to study the phenomena to ascertain exactly what these objects truly are. I have been given the use of a military surplus aircraft and the required sensors that I need to study these objects at both close range and at a distance. I have spotters that have been hired to inform me of any sightings of these phenomena, and I have a hanger at the former Air Force base in the area. The former base has been converted to civilian use some time ago, and I have taken up residence in the hanger that I am renting for my base of operations and the maintenance of my aircraft. I will proceed to place sensors throughout the area on the ground to measure any electrostatic anomalies to help prove or eliminate the possibility that this is the cause of the phenomenon.

Day one of my studies:
I have calibrated the equipment on the ground in the several locations where the phenomenon has been sighted. I hope to get a few readings of the area when there is no reported activity. Barometric pressure, temperature wind speed and direction and electrostatic charge are all measured at each station. With a baseline from which to work, I hope to be able to predict the arrival of the phenomena and thus, place myself in the most advantageous place to witness it. Spotters are stationed near each instrument cluster with video recorders to capture any unusual activity should anything be noticed. It is too early to tell at this time what my readings will show, but I remain optimistic that I will be able to study this phenomena when and if it should show.

Day two:
There were no anomalous readings of the data and no sightings at this time. Temperature is normal for this time of year and the wind speed was from the southeast at 10 miles per hour. This looks like a good day for baseline readings as I had hoped.

Day three:
Another good day for baseline readings. No sightings, anomalous weather, or electrostatic readings.

Day four:
Today we had a thunderstorm that came from the northeast. Although the electrostatic recordings were high, there was no reported sightings of ball lightning or of the possible "Foo Fighters." Maybe tomorrow?

Day five:
Rain today, but no thunderstorms. The electrostatic charges were high again, but not as high as during the thunderstorms from yesterday. I have of course been keeping the data on disk for each station and I will proceed to break it down on charts using software. The data will be available to anyone who wishes to see it. I do not record this data in this report, since this is not my official documentation of the phenomenon.

Day six:
There was a possible sighting of a Foo Fighter today, but I was unable to get my aircraft into the air in time to study the phenomena. I hope to be able to get the aircraft off the ground faster in the future, or at least hope that the phenomena stays around longer to allow me some time to study it. There were reports of unusual electrostatic readings before the sighting and during it, so perhaps I will be able to anticipate the arrival of the phenomena in the future.

Day seven:
No anomalous activity today. This is a bit of a letdown from yesterday's excitement. I hope tomorrow brings better news.

Day eight:
No sightings in the targeted area, but there were some to the south of us in Mexico. I am sorry that I missed them, but I do not have the permission of the Mexican government to enter their airspace to conduct my studies. I hope that when I do finally get to study this phenomenon up close in the air, I will not be required to enter Mexican air space. If I do have to go that way, I will have to break pursuit.

Day nine:
More sightings in my area of study. There were several sightings reported by my spotters, and some that were reported by civilians, but I was still not able to get into the air on time. I was able to get more data on the anomalous electrostatic readings, so perhaps I can get enough data to anticipate the arrival of the phenomenon in the future.

Day ten:
More anomalous readings, but no reported sightings. Perhaps they were there, but we did not spot them.

Day eleven:
I had some luck today. I was able to get into the air in time to spot the phenomenon from a distance, but I was unable to get close. It seemed that the phenomena was evading me. From what I could see, it appeared to be an orange ball of light that traveled at a high rate of speed, and was able to perform maneuvers that defy the laws of physics. This matches reports that the phenomenon seems to be guided by intelligence, but as yet, I have been unable to confirm that. Still, it was an exhilarating experience.

Day twelve:
I was able to anticipate the arrival of the phenomenon today, and was successful in getting a close look at it. I was unable to get accurate readings from the plane however. What readings I did get were odd, and I will have to recalibrate my equipment. I hope that I get another chance to study the phenomenon tomorrow.

Day thirteen:
I was again able to anticipate the arrival of the phenomenon. There were several different types this time. I saw the familiar orange ball of light, but it was joined by blue light and a green one. They traveled together as if they were each attached to the point of a triangle, and they seemed to rotate about a central axis as they maneuvered. The experience was quite stunning, and I have some good video to study at my leisure. The anomalous readings were back despite my attempts to recalibrate the equipment. Perhaps this is due to some sort of interference by the phenomenon. The Foo Fighters seemed to follow my aircraft for a few minutes as I was studying them and then took off at a great rate of acceleration as if they were toying with me, or perhaps showing off. Once again, I must say that the phenomenon seemed to be guided by intelligence. One would think that an electrical charge such as what I seem to have discovered would be drawn to the metal body of the aircraft instead of just flying along beside it as this unexplained phenomenon seems to do. I have placed myself in a position to be struck on several occasions by now, but have not been. I will have to install a negative ion generator on the body of the aircraft to see if I can entice the phenomenon to come closer or perhaps to strike the craft. All of the instrumentation on board the craft has been hardened and insulated against high discharge electrical pulses, so I should be safe enough. My pilot agrees that there should be little risk of crash from the experiment, so I will proceed with it on our next flight.

Day fourteen:
We had a run of good luck for the past few days, but it did not extend to today. Although we did take to the air in anticipation of the phenomenon, we did not witness any activity today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day fifteen:
One of the Foo Fighters was spotted today, but it was not the original orange one, nor the blue or green one that joined it a few days later. This orb was a bronze color that was almost silver. Call it a "gold" color. It was deeper in color near the center, with a lightening of the color toward the edges. This orb also seemed to toy with my aircraft, but did not come any closer than a few feet from it's wingtip despite the negative ion generator. It circled my plane a couple of times before accelerating away at a high rate of speed toward Mexico. I had to break off pursuit once we reached the airspace over Mexico, although I was loathe to do so. I will try to positively charge the skin of the craft on our next encounter to see if that makes a difference in how the Foo Fighter reacts.

Day sixteen:
It has been just over three weeks since I started this experiment. I have had weekends off, of course, but still, I seem no closer to figuring out what these phenomenon are. Again, we have gone up in our aircraft to encounter these things and we were successful in getting close, but the positive charge did not seem to attract the Foo Fighters any more than the negative charge. The orange, green and blue spheres were back again today, and they seemed to react the same way they did before. They flew along side the craft for a short period of time before veering off in an impossible way and disappearing. The readings on the electrostatic sensors were just as anomalous as they have been on each encounter. Recalibration seems to make no difference. It is as if the phenomenon seems to emit random pulses of electrostatic charges designed to frustrate me.

Day seventeen:
Without a charge on the skin of the plane, we were struck by the bronze colored orb. Contact was brief, and it seemed as if the orb passed right through the aircraft. Despite the shielding of the equipment, most of it failed. We managed to land by "dead sticking" the plane into the airport. I will have to have the gauges and most of the electronics replaced before I can fly the plane again. I will also have to hire a new pilot. My old one refuses to continue with the experiments. It will probably be a few days before I can get back up in the air again. All of the readings that I got today are lost, of course, so let's hope that I can get some better equipment and make a successful study with it.

Day eighteen:
Our Foo Fighters were back in the sky today. It was the orange, green and blue spheres that were flying around. Unfortunately, I was not. The plane was grounded for repairs, and the new pilot had not yet arrived. Maybe next time.

Day nineteen:
No significant activity today. I guess it is good, since the plane still has not been repaired. I was told that it should be ready for tomorrow, if needed. I just hope that my new friends have not forgotten me by then.

Day twenty:
I have a new pilot, and the plane was ready. The phenomenon was spotted today and we made an attempt to engage. We were successful. The bronze colored orb was back, and the plane was struck twice during our encounter. The total time that we spent studying the orb was less than 15 minutes, and it ended with the double contact of our hull, but we did not experience the same disabling of our equipment. The engine did stall during the encounter, but we were able to get it restarted once the Foo Fighter sped away. I was struck a glancing blow by the object and passed out. I have been hospitalized for observation but feel fine. Electronic equipment does seem to be affected by my presence however. My portable computer keeps cycling off as I attempt to use it, and I must type my report in with a separate keyboard. If I use the keyboard on the computer, it just starts flaking out. I guess that I have built up a significant electric charge from my exposure to the bronze colored Foo Fighter, but I cannot get any reliable readings from the equipment I had one of my assistants bring in to check me out. I seem to be experiencing a fluctuating charge similar to that of the Foo Fighter.

Day twenty one:
I can't seem to get close to any electronic equipment today. All of the sensors that have been brought near me seem to go amok. I have been discharged from the hospital, since the doctors can find nothing wrong with me, and I feel fine. This inability to use electronics is frustrating though. I have had to hand write my report and have someone else type it for me. All four of the Foo Fighters that we have been studying were seen in the sky today, but since I could not get near the electronics, I was unable to fly to see them. Video equipment goes haywire around me as does my computer. I did not want to test the plane. Perhaps this symptom will resolve itself by tomorrow.

Day twenty two:
Electronic equipment has become even more erratic when I am around. It seems that my electromagnetic influence is expanding. It almost seems that I am becoming like the Foo Fighters. Others tell me that I seem to glow, but that can't be right. Still, I wonder.

Day twenty three:
There is definitely something going on. Everything that is not shielded from electrostatic discharge goes off when I am near. My staff tried to take me to the local hospital today, but there was no vehicle that could take me until they started up a diesel truck when I was not near, and drove me there in that. Even then, nothing electrical would work in the vehicle when I was near it. The glow that people told me about is plain to see even in daylight now. I was asked to leave the hospital since I was causing wide spread electrical problems while I was there, and the doctors have taken to studying me back at the hangar. The only light they have at night is chemical in nature. They use a lot of Coleman lanterns to work on me at night. They do not really seem to need it when they are close to me because the glow that I was experiencing seems to be getting brighter. My spotters report that the Foo Fighter activity seems to have increased while I am grounded. I no longer have any doubts...I am certain that the Foo Fighters are directed by some sort of intelligence. Unfortunately, I have no way to prove it.

My name is Agent Peirce. I am an officer of the FBI. The project has been temporarily closed. The director of the project has disappeared. He was in the hanger being attended by a nurse who said that he had just turned his back on the director for one minute and suddenly the he was gone. After the disappearance, the lights came back on in the building. Spotters at the remote ground stations reported seeing five different colored "Foo Fighters" take off from around the area near the airport. They reported gold, blue, green, orange, and red colored globes flitting about in a pentagonal shape that seemed to rotate about a central axis. There have been no reported sightings since. There is no valid scientific data that can explain what has happened during this study. What data we have makes no sense. Until we can decipher the data we have, there will not be any more money put into this research. The search for the director of this project has gone nation wide. If anyone has any information as to his whereabouts, please report it to your local police or the FBI. Criminal charges may be leveled.