by Gary Hardaway


Life is other life eager
to eat you, poison you,
fuck you, capture you,
or simply kill you.
The endocrine thrill

is in your effort
to avoid all this.
As when, at the weekly
meeting at the office,
it's your turn to assert

your value to the group.

Dandelion's Revenge

With green and silent industry, the plants
convert our shit to fiber, food and breath.
We convert their habitats
to rooftops and parking lots.
Will they someday take a sentient branch,
evolve assertive roots and tendrils and send
them in through cracks to choke us as we sleep?


I catch them if I can
when they flutter up
to visible branches from
impenetrable dark underneath.
I find their beauties irresistible
though others, seeing them
penned under glass,
wonder why I bother
catching them at all-
they are so  ordinary,
brown, and dull.