1993, What I Wanted

by Frank Vander Rasky

1993, What I Wanted

Conversation with my dying father.


Conversation with my dying mother.


Conversation with my dead grandfather.


Conversation with my dead grandmother.


Two-way conversation with God.

section break1993, What I Heard


Sorry I was not there.


Make sure I am remembered.


You will be my ghostwriter.


You can write my obituary.

Grandparents and God: dead silence.
section break1993, What I Needed


Answers from my dead father.


Answers from my dead mother.


Love from my dead grandfather.


Love from my dead grandmother.


Love and answers from God.
section break
1993, What I Learned


How to bury the past.


How to listen to God.

How to love a moment.


Life is a precious gift.


Awareness is growing.
section break2011, What I Have

Blood pumping through my heart.

Blood pumping through my veins.

Life only a breath away.

Life only a heartbeat away.

Life and courage to grow.