We Are

by Darryl Price



for Melissa


together today. I like that feeling. I want to pound 

a piano into the ground just for you. To your 

warmest heartbeat I raise my glass. Thank you. It doesn't 

really matter if they think that's a velvety Elvis painting or 

not. I think it perfectly matches the sun melting



their putty sea of promises. They only wish they could see 

you smile like that. I've been walking in the drenching 

everything again rain again. I've felt nothing above the soaking, but 

looking at you I begin to dry off. I start 

to see life full of purpose and plans again. I get up 

off my knees one more time.Prepared to take on 

whatever comes through that door.


That's all there is to 

this moody dreaming nod. It doesn't have to mean a damned 

thing. I'm okay with the direct feel of it. Standing 

in the familiar doorway there's nothing else here but you. 

Because either the stars are drawing you a beautiful gown 

to wear or


they are dropping breadcrumbs on the old 

cold floor for me to follow up to your secret 

bedroom. I will do as I am told by the 

entwined flowers in your hair. What do I care for 

harsh things that are all mechanical teeth and no smile found in nature? Let me 

flow inside of your


presence and be made whole and 

new and now. I'm more interested in kisses than food 

or money. I want to go where I don't have 

to pretend. Let me be where I am myself always. 

Where the color and the sounds move


with an honorable 

peace at last. So I brought you this falling rain 

inside, please excuse this mess, because it's alright, yes, I 

see where I am standing. Thank you once again. And again. 

We are a hurt that will not kill us. We 

are a


disappointment, but not to each other. There we 

are always going to be an opening hole in the 

saving graceful air. They don't have to know what that means. 

Only you, after that I am surely free as any brown 

bird. And you are a heaven's swinging gate, the sad truth. We will