The Sun Is Here

by Darryl Price



and I revel in the fact. There are other facts

at work and play, but I'm hanging out with this one

because it is my day off and I'm listening

to music and writing poems. I like the bright


appearance coming from the bedroom like it is

being visited by another being. Should

I go and say hello or is that being understood

in waves? Ah, I don't know why I should feel


so lovely. I mean tomorrow is another

thing that will happen to me without my say so.

And the world is a terrible place full of mad

bombers and dull hungry animals who chomp first


and ask questions later. They don't even wipe their

mouths. But still I do feel like there is a simple

celebration at my window between the wind

and the curtains that feels just right for the moment.


So I'll take it and pass it along. Here you go.

This beautiful portion's all yours to do with what

you will. Share it or wolf it down. Either way the

sun is here and I am here with you in these words.