The Right Kind of Magic

by Darryl Price




During the outpouring of our newly discovered grief oh how we danced, electrical, 

into oblivion, maybe once, twice. It was to

all to be expected, but not everything you

feel is always real. After all the dust may



settle, but it gets easily stirred up again into

some kind of consciousness that can be blessed with the right kind of magic. We'll make it happen if we want it to.

We're not the only ones who share the star dust. Their one lasting mistake has

always been a debate about size. Truth is



there are sizes within sizes that pack just

as powerful a punch as the next sun will.

You can't just live at the atomic level, but

why would you want to when you can



be among those fabulous others who breathe and appreciate trees?

You don't need to fix your tribe—they

will find you among themselves. Of course if

you are the selfish sort then you won't get



that small reference either, and again, it doesn't really matter, because

you can't change the nature of those radiant beams of yours. You

can bend your thoughts upon any of the passing by lights, but

in the end you'll be blinded by dreams just



like everyone else.Don't forget to go to

bed tonight knowing that your place in the

universe is universal. Stars are there simply to outline

this well-known fact in a beautiful way, so who



ever thought that up, thank you a million times.In the

meantime, relax, you're floating on top of a

billion or more hungry mouths. One of them is bound

to pay you some rapt attention soon enough. I know I am.










Wallowing against

death doesn't


work any better now

than before.







3.Dark Blue Sky in a Bucket 


I meant to show you

something beautiful

but by Sunday a curious rain had a

much more pungent charm to its name.







4.Lonely Girl


She walks in beauty

alright, but no one's


listening and nobody

cares that she


rustles the universal gate

wherever she goes.








5.Here's a Little Love Song


Here's a love song that means

absolutely nothing to anyone anymore.

It might be beautiful still.

It might only flower

once in a thousand years.

You can't stop these kinds of

miraculous things from suddenly



happening. All I'm saying is

I noticed there is 

a moment of real beauty

in our lives that we

already share and it

is constantly changing, but the fact,

the fact that it appeared



at all is reason enough

to believe in ourselves being here

tonight. They might need

more concrete evidence than that,

but I say, look at it for yourselves.

Either you see love

or you don't. Look again.






6.I wanted you to want to share the world


with me. That was at least a lie I was willing to tell myself of

some sort. It became a curse

instead of a grace and that

only makes the wind an empty-

handed messenger at best. Love broke.

I wish it was a different

story. Others have received

a much kinder package in the mail.

It's true that many have squandered

that rare blessing on restaurants, but I

don't need your forgiveness. I admit I once

saw a tear on a bed of

opening roses, but my ship

was already deep in the water, M'Lady.

My head was already

searching through the clouds for a Never Land I only ever

knew from various dreams. That boy grew into

a man and still he did

not reach shore. And now you tell

me I need only ask the stars

for one more favor to please

your pretty face at last. Here is my

hand in friendship, it was yours

for the taking all along, but nothing

more can be made to jump from

my fingers now. They are needed

to keep the wind at bay. Don't

worry. I am not frozen.

I am becoming what a

summer leaf used to be. Soon enough

I will join every bird and

the next journey shall begin in earnest.