I've Seen You Naked

by Darryl Price

and watched you grinning     

from your opulent spinning 

cages and although you 

were never less than 

always remarkably perfumed, to

appeal I'm guessing to 

the sniffing about masses, 

to me they've simply, 

carelessly, shrunk your body 

to fit inside their 

paper windows like smooth jumbled 

beans in a slowly shining jar. 

They're quite barbaric like 

that. But the wild

instantaneous perfection that remains 

on display in your 

presence like a simple 

shooting star in the 

sky never fails. Because

it belongs right out 

there being miraculous where

it's at and easily 

gives its own proof 

to the jaundiced jury 

at hand without the 

slightest hesitation or even 

play trying. See? Already

you've stepped foot in 

my secret heart and 

I'm a million more 

miles away from feeding

you anything fresh having 

to do with this 

kind of  rubber life. 

Sure I'd like to 

kiss your fur and

maybe trust your mouth 

to mine. But honestly 

is that all we 

can hope to glean 

from this kind of

modest eye contact during 

these our latest and 

greatest parade of best days?

I accept those cold sweet 

terms, but lay out 

the poem first in

a solid, plump protest--

like an unknown door

makes the whole world into a sudden swollen pothole .

Bonus material:

People Love Their Machines Now

more than they love each other. I want to know 

where the real fun is in that. Yeah you get
to sit in a room all by yourself and push every button.

Yeah you get to control everything. But when it's all
over will you get that stolen kiss?Will you recognize anyone's soft 

lovely silhouette anymore? Will you make a play for a beatiful new 

heart string? Will you remember her name? Now you've got this 

plastic hole growing inside. It seems to be growing bigger than the 

furniture at a most alarming rate. Man, you've got to 

shrink it down again and quit taking on so much water. She's 

just about out the door. The machine's going to leave 

you,too, brother, in time,but that's not going to 

hurt as much. She's also got a battery life to her illumined 

feed. Yeah we need to make a best choice scenario happen 

right now. What have you done? Plug into some solid 

ground, dude. Let go of the stick and gain control of your hands. 

They're not going anywhere but you are, you are,yes you 

are. Every story worth a dime is a love story.

Darryl Price





I Can't Help It If Angels Like to Talk


with me. We must have something going on in common, but

for the life of me I can't think of what


that might be. I'm beginning to die. They

probably last forever like machines made out of light--at least when 


compared to us. I wonder, are they trying

to escape heaven like we try to


escape our debt to the earth? They went back to the source before

us. They'll last. It's been a painful ride as far as I can remember. If


I were you I wouldn't give it another

thought. Go outside and deeply smell the changes.