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    Christopher Allen
    Apr 06, 01:34pm

    Hi, everyone,
    Let's talk about what we want to do with this group. Since we're not doing much right now, maybe a rock-hard purpose would encourage participation. I know rock-hard things usually get my attention.


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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Apr 07, 01:52am

    i don't think i can even conceive of rock-hard. can i be squid-soft, pls? seriously though,

    - i would like to discuss meta fictional issues in this group. a little like what goes on over at matchbook at times but perhaps with more focus on text and less on writer's biographies. will kick something off in the next few days, i think so you see what i mean.

    - i would also only like to see stories that have actually run at metazen to be added to the story roster so that people can get an overview of what was cooking and hot by simply going to the group.

    - lastly it would be good to hear from editors (like ourselves!) regularly and it would be good on that vein to update the "group description" on the right (otherwise, besides "ousting" stories, admin rights for fnaut groups aren't worth much).

    - if we take fictionaut seriously as a springboard for metazen the journal, it would be great if authors of the journal (those who feel inclined) could write something for the group (even a question would be OK) after their story/poem has appeared.

    just my 0.02c

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    Christopher Allen
    Apr 08, 03:42pm

    I agree that stories posted here should be stories published at metazen.

    And I'm in complete agreement that metafiction should be our focus. We aren't getting enough metafiction at metazen. Personally, I was meta when meta wasn't cool.

    My first published piece was a poem (imagine that) called "Last Night I Dreamed we Dreamed a Poem," and it was pretty stupid but published nonetheless; so I've always been interested in the self-conscious, self-referential nature of contemporary prose/poetry.

    So, like Herr Flawnt, I encourage other writers who've published at metazen to join the discussion. You could discuss the simple fact that we're having a discussion about discussing . . . uh . . . something.


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    Sam Rasnake
    Apr 08, 03:44pm

    Am I detecting a shift away from poetry at Metazen? - and I'm not speaking of the group here but the actual journal...

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    Christopher Allen
    Apr 08, 04:47pm

    Hi, Sam :)
    I don't think there's a shift away from poetry. Is there, Frank?


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    Julie Innis
    Apr 08, 04:57pm

    love the thread. Maybe it would help writers if we shared some links to some metafiction here? Chris - are there any particular faves of yours that you could hold up as an example of "We'd Love To See More Submissions Like This"? Or, perhaps just as Finny suggests, have F'nauters who've pub'd in metazen repost their work here?

    Or perhaps both. I do love a good mixed drink.

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    Julie Innis
    Apr 08, 05:07pm

    In response to my own suggestion, there are some links to some great examples of metafiction here, conveniently located under Submissions on the metazen site. http://www.metazen.ca/?page_id=44

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    Walter Bjorkman
    Apr 09, 12:21am

    opinion of this sometimes un-humble scribe. If you limit the group to peviously published work from metazen, aren't you making it merely an arm of the site? good for exposure for the site, bad for enticing new participants. what you'll wind up with are readers who sit around reading what they already read or wrote, a mutual society. If the aim is a clubhouse, thats the publisher's perog, but be aware that that is what it will become.

    As for metafiction, my 2 published were not, unless you stretch to include selling an encyclopedia metafiction (big stretch). I just followed the guidelines on the submission page, and they fit under 3 and I guess, 4. If you decide to be exclusively metafiction, advertise it loud and long, for this hard-headed soul and others need hearing aids for anything to sink in. Encouraging more, rather than limiting it to only, would be a better way to espouse the cause to new blood and neo-metas such as myself.

    That's all I got, gotta run, Gary's bees are staging a revolt.

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    Frank Hinton
    Apr 09, 04:37am

    I don't mind having stories from the site but what I'd love is to see other stories from previously published Metazen authors up. Maybe it's not an arm, or a feed, but rather a party.

    Also, I love metafiction and I actively seek out metafictional stories but it's hard to get a metafictional story every day. Because we're a daily, I go for metafiction as much as I can and good fiction/poetry the rest of the time. I like that you never know what's going to pop up tomorrow on the site, but that it will probably be kick ass.

    No shift from poetry Sam....I publish stories more than poems but this week we had poetry on Wednesday and Friday.

    Glad to see someone took out the defibrillator here.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Apr 09, 07:14am

    I see, Frank. Thanks.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Apr 11, 05:56am

    i see what walter is saying and i'll actively encourage our authors to put stories here.

    thanks julie, for that link - i remember now why i first fell in love with frank: he mentioned flann o'brian!

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    Carol Novack
    Apr 11, 09:23am

    i'd like to post a thus far unpublished meta, but where to post it i don't know. i'm not posting it publicly. i'm a soon to be Metazen author.

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    Christopher Allen
    Apr 12, 06:28am

    I didn't have internet access this weekend. Sorry.

    I think a place for authors who've published on metazen -- or who will soon do so, Carol :) -- is a great focus for this group. New stories. Old stories. Not necessarily stories that have appeared on metazen.

    Discussions of metafiction would be lots of fun. I'm sorry to say I don't have any link off the top of my head.

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    Darryl Price
    Apr 14, 02:56pm

    I like the party idea. I mean who's crazier than a bunch of writers?

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    Christopher Allen
    Apr 22, 03:05am

    Hello, everyone!

    We've come to a consensus that this group should be for authors who've published at Metazen, but the stories posted can be new, old, whatever.

    If you are a member of this group but you haven't published at Metazen, I'm not going to oust you. That would be mean. You need to oust yourself. :) Just kidding. You can stay . . . I guess.

    I look forward to lots of discussion, and I especially want to hear about your writing successes. Have a look at the threads. You'll see one called "Sweet Success". Use it.

    Chris(topher) or C

  • Hazeleye.thumb
    Apr 22, 08:40am

    Whesh! I made it...I can't keep up with all the different places to talk/chat/discuss/say howdy. I love Meta so this will be a good place to take root. If I fall off the radar though, I do respond to a good swift kick.

    Thanks for the link, Julie -
    Thanks for the invite, Chris -

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    brian warfield
    Jan 30, 05:36am

    i once wrote a poem called "Last Night I Dreamt I Had 'Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me' Stuck in My Head."

    i also wanted to write a memoir called "Reading Reading Lolita in Tehran in Philadelphia."

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