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    Rachna K.
    Sep 30, 02:06pm

    Beautiful Tribute to Sally Houtman, a dear friend and mentor, in the latest issue of Flash Frontier. The issue showcases her stunning work and has flash/prose poem by Jamey Claffey, Charlotte Hamrick and many others. Thanks to Michelle Elvy for putting this together.

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    Charlotte H.
    Sep 30, 02:36pm

    Sally was a beautiful, giving soul and is greatly missed. I'm so happy to be a part of this tribute to her.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Sep 30, 02:54pm

    Wonderful tribute issue.

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    Sep 30, 08:40pm

    Sally Houtman: memory eternal!

    (Absolute elsewhere or thereabouts for most of the summer, I was unaware.)

    I never shall forget the editorial zeal she showed in helping me separate "The Haunted Coins" from "The Invisible Corpse Candle" in the summer of 2015 (I continue to treasure the comments she posted in the sidebars and ever shall).

    Good work on the tribute issue, all, and thank you for the notice.

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    Erika Byrne-Ludwig
    Sep 30, 08:49pm

    Beautiful tribute.

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    Jill Chan
    Oct 01, 12:21am

    Great tribute issue.

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    James Claffey
    Oct 05, 04:44am

    So sad at Sally's passing. Terrible blow to the writing community, and shocking to her family. Always such a generous soul here on FN. Sorely missed.

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    David Ackley
    Oct 05, 01:27pm

    You had to love Sally for her writing and her willingness to stand up for her friends and her convictions. Along with all of you, I'll miss her.


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    Mathew Paust
    Oct 06, 11:13am

    I just learned of this moments ago, gracefully informed by Matt Dennison. I'm deeply saddened. Sally was the first to welcome me when I started here, and her irreverent wit and spunk was always gave me a lift. I have yet to open the tribute, but will do so immediately. I'm emotionally distraught over this news.

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    Mathew Paust
    Oct 06, 11:29am

    Beautiful tributes.

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    Michelle Elvy
    Oct 06, 12:21pm

    Thank you so much for sharing, Rachna. And thank you also, along with James Claffey, Vivienne Merrill and Charlotte Hamrick, for writing beautiful works for Sally. And to Carol Reid, who contributed a hauntingly beautiful image for the top of the issue.

    We hope this is a fitting tribute to a remarkable writer and contributor to the creative community.

    For readers interested, there is a page of Sally's work in the issue as well. You can find it directly here:

    One of those pieces -- To Dislodge -- will be included in the 2018 anthology of New Zealand flash fiction and prose poetry, Bonsai: The Big Book of Small Stories. Sally got word of her making the finalist list but she died before final selections were made. Sadly. But her children and remaining family have been informed -- and I'm really glad her work will continue to resonate in this way, too.

    Sally was a wonderful contributor to the writing community; she is remembered here and elsewhere so fondly.

    Sending a warm hello,

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    Smiley McGrouchpants
    Oct 19, 11:36pm

    That's so sad. I can't believe she's gone. I feel taken by surprise in a weird, shouldn't've-known way. How can I express this? She was just so *present*, I feel like her absence is an unfair cord-yank from my heart and psyche ... what, she's gone? I didn't know she loomed so large of the people I know, through Fictionaut or otherwise, 'til now. When she said things, they stuck with you. It's unbelievable she's gone, not there, and I'm discovering ... what? She went right to the nerve center, every time she *posted* something, every time she *talked* that way? I just thought I liked her, that she was a pal. So sad, and so stupid feeling is calculating the loss: "Oh, she'll be around, she rants back at me on Fictionaut with wit and aplomb ... " She once called New Zealand a "cultureless volcanic rock," so I linked to a Playlist of three songs by NZ indie artists respected in America: The Bats, The Clean, and Chris Knox, like she'd be tipped off, like why should she know who Tortoise or Yo La Tengo were? What the fuck? She's gone?

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    Smiley McGrouchpants
    Oct 19, 11:39pm

    EDIT: "couldn't've-known way," above.

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