Will Shade

Location Rhode Island
Occupation Teacher
Website http://

Any favorite authors? Books?

Favorite poets: Hardy, Frost, Bishop, Yeats, Larkin, Auden, Derek Mahon, Hopkins, Robert Lowell, Plath, Mandelstam, MacNeice, Celan, Wilbur, Herbert, many more.

Favorite prose (fiction and otherwise): Proust, Carver, Hardy, Tintin, Eliot, Poe, Heidegger, Orwell, Luc Sante, Anthony Lane, Schulz's Peanuts, Alan Moore, Raymond Williams, Walter Benjamin, many more.

Will Shade's Wall

David Ackley – Oct 05, 2012

Thanks, Will, for the kind words about "Blowdown." Still reading Larkin, maybe it's having a salutory influence.

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