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About Me

I am a hairdresser living just north of Boston with my partner. I grew up in Chelsea, MA.

Why do you write?

My writing is inspired primarily by my childhood. As an adult I am discovering more and more how my experiences as a child have made me who I am. I find it fascinating and at times unsettling how the smallest actions or events from the people and places that surrounded me are responsible for the way I am today.
I write to release. I write as a form of therapy. I feel that every poem is an outlet but also I feel myself evolve every time i write one. Sometimes I learn things about myself that I never really knew were there.
And sometimes I help others too. Sometimes someone reads or hears a poem and tells me they can relate, they felt that way but could never put it into words or that it helped them see a different side of a situation or better understand someone that they know dealt with the same thing. And that is what makes writing even better to me. Because it moves people, it touches them and makes them feel something.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Charles Bukowski
Pablo Neruda

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maria rumasuglia – Mar 04, 2013

Thank you!! :)

Gloria Garfunkel – Mar 04, 2013


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