Julie Noble

Location Whitby, UK
Occupation writer mother
Website http://www.tallissecret.com

Books by Julie Noble
  • by Julie Noble
    Julie Noble Publishing*, 2004.

  • by Susan Hemmings
    Sheba Feminist Press, 1986-04.

  • About Me

    With five children, a hard-working husband and a family business, home life is what my eldest calls 'guaranteed chaos'. As a Writer Mother I am deeply intrigued by women writers’ multitasking: nurturing children and literary inspiration in the midst of mayhem.

    Last year I won the She Magazine UK Short Story Competition with the story, Sands In Time. Before that indie-published a YA/ crossover novel, ‘Talli’s Secret’, which was Whitbread long-listed, and a finalist in last year’s Brit Writer’s Unpublished Awards. More is on my website www.tallissecret.com.

    Studied psychology at Lancaster University, UK, fan of Mslexia and Writing magazine, some of my writing has appeared in both.
    Currently working on a new novel which has invited some exciting responses.(Yippee!)

    Why do you write?

    What fuels my creativity? Life fuels my creativity! I start with observations and inspirations then assimilate them. Then I try to write what I mean through the subsequent exasperation at my failings!

    My greatest inspiration comes from some very wierd dreams and my rather more normal family. But also reading other authors' work, travelling - when we can manage it financially - meeting people, visiting galleries and just being in the moment!

    Why do I write? Simple: I write because I have to. Driven to it.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Favourite Living Author is Fay Weldon, Favourite deceased is Edith Wharton, then I admire a great of authors inc Jane Austen, for writing wittily instead of bitterly, the female Brontes, for living within their means by cultivating their dreams, and anyone who can teach us insight into the human mind, yet do it kindly, even as it is sharply defined.

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    Julie Noble – Nov 26, 2011

    Thanks for the welcome Robert, and Beate for all your encouragement. Great to be here, hope I make some interesting contributions in time!

    Beate Sigriddaughter – Nov 25, 2011

    Welcome, Julie. Good to see you here.

    Robert Vaughan – Nov 24, 2011

    Welcome to Fictionaut, Julie!

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