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About Me

I think of my stars and garters, LEDs and northern lights, leaning on a warm skinny day. Sometimes I think to feel is to think. Sometimes I feel the numbers add. But your eyes are what count now.

Why do you write?

I write in this language to repair the missing thoughts in your mind. Don't ask me why I need to do that. I can't know.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Thousands of authors poured into my head. Barthelme, Calvino, Cherryh, Bach, Bear, Benford, Card, Ellison, Franke. Rogers, Lee, Dunn, Chauncey.

We are well past y2k. Has a web writer affected you? Would it mean web writers are "authors"?

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Mary Szmagaj – Jan 09, 2010

Hi, fellow voyager. Welcome to right here.

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