Chapter 15: An Introduction to Regression

by Tia Prouhet

I am too many drinks in, and my lipstick is too dark, and the summer is too big, and my voice is too loud and my words are too many. 

My mouth is orange rind and whiskey, my tongue a cocktail cherry. 

Highlight this-- it's on the test 

Salvadorian lilts on the back of
rising asphalt heat vapor
I am unsteady and unused to vertigo.

Did I mention I'm a Virgo?

I survey my body for my toes, count my fingertips,
Where are my keys?
I think I dropped something—

but he is there, smearing my upsidedown lips
on my throat
hyoid, papilla

Later, someone's mother,
I carefully slice grilled cheese
smear antibiotic on swimming calluses
tuck responsibility under pink sheets
turn out the lights.

I open a textbook, 
copyright 2005,
find the chapter on
predicting variability and