prophecy of the playground

by strannikov

your eyes and ears, all toddlers children kids:


adults' rude abuse of sense you can lose,

their glamoured productions burrowed with costs—

electric productions that lie

electric productions that steal

electric productions that cheat

electric productions that foul

electric productions that kill:

            they deafen you with cute

            knive you with sugared songs

            with machines turn love to silicon shit

            hurl you at the god Fun

            debrain you in their schools.


their fetid appetites they teach,

your appetites they coach and train,

to blot out all your childhood dreams:


they feed you hungry tastes for dung

so you can desire have and own

purchase possess and then forget.


lose all your adults—lose them all:

lose adult kids you're taught to trust

who feed you sick—shun their machines

at least to age twelve: young animals remain.


tell idiot children older than you:

“our childhoods in our childhood days—

ours, not your ‘early adult' shit”—

tell idiot children: “fuck yourselves sick!”


tell them and tell them then tell them and show:

yell sniff slide kick throw swim play spit run sing

without crippling machines, until you're twelve.


do not be keen to let them gnaw on you,

they'll snag you later without stop or cease:

but through age twelve you'll've kept your own youth.