obituary unsolicited

by strannikov

po-mo parchments piled high deep:

credentials earnest transcripts earned

coursework scholarships helpt buy.


doctored eyes positively dart

their stipened focus haunts their gaze

and hides deceased men dry 'neath parchèd piles.


these times their bloods both long past spent:

portentous puddles, provenance unknown

historicized red of fashioned rust.


the dead out of living ink may've run,

but men with dripping blood yet stand

to spit on something—screen or wall or page:


the zealous signs guide no one now,

their hieroglyphs' agendas mute

swing dead for flies by red dust roads.


elite effete as all slopes now lead down

to shallow spring-fed pools of poors

oblivious to posted droughts—

their play immune to college cares

(position, status, tenure, pay).

constipated souls squit cares

but nothing nutritive—philanthropies squat,

curled piles of hieroglyphic ordure steam:

upon all spattered ivies' stones

incontinent messes drip their stains.


upended worlds yield sprays of dust

more like to choke than to infect—

such wastes of pesticidal glee:

consideration? cowardice?

late threats did not arrive with deeds . . .

look now!—where might those torches march?

why burn plush theatres? padded classrooms stand!

texts blaze bright, backhoes shudder into queue.